113 Theory Test Failures for Britain’s Worst Learner Driver 113 Theory Test Failures for Britain’s Worst Learner Driver
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113 Theory Test Failures for Britain’s Worst Learner Driver

Already dubbed Britain’s worst learner driver last year, unidentified woman has failed to pass her theory test a further three times.

Book Theory Test Today says: “Last year we posted about an unidentified woman, aged 30, who had failed her theory test a record 110 times. While we take no pleasure in her struggles with the theory test, we’ve learned that she has failed it a further three times in the last 12 months.”

The woman’s relentless determination has already cost her £3,500, but the woman from Southwark in south-east London has refused to give up. However, even if she is able to eventually pass the theory test, the DVSA practical driving test still stands in the way of her getting a driving licence.

Woman’s problems with the theory test

Nationally, the average pass rate for the theory test is 51.6 percent, and in October 2014 the cost to take it was reduced from £31.00 down to £25.00. The woman, who took her last three theory tests in 2014, would have spent anywhere between £3,485 and £3,503 attempting to earn a theory test pass certificate.

To put this in perspective, assuming that she started taking the theory test at the minimum driving age of 17, she would have taken the exam more than eight times per year for the past 13 years.

Other drivers struggling with the theory test

While there is no other learner that’s anywhere near on par with the woman’s record number of failures, a few are trying to claim her ‘crown’.

A 30-year-old male in Peterborough holds the record for the most number of theory test failures by a man with 86 attempts. Additionally, a gentleman from Birmingham did have 80 attempts at it, but finally succeeded.

Despite men being six percent more likely to pass the practical driving test than women, they are actually six percent less likely to obtain a theory test pass than the ladies.

In a statement from a DVSA spokesperson, they said: “It’s essential that all drivers demonstrate they have the right skills, knowledge and attitude to drive safely. The driver testing and training regime tests candidates’ ability to drive safely and responsibly, as well as making sure they know the theory behind safe driving.”

The figures showing the number of people failing the theory test constantly were obtained via a Freedom of Information request submitted by the Daily Mail. The same set of figures also reveals that, even when learner drivers finally pass the theory test, they go on to struggle with the practical exam and will spend huge amounts of money trying to pass it.

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