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Sep 20

UK Driving Lessons Surge as Learner Drivers Try to Catch Up

As learner drivers look to secure limited appointments for driving theory tests and practical exams, the number of UK driving lessons has surged. With a new look theory test now launched and practical exams limited, more learner drivers are taking to the road more frequently to brush up on their skills. Why are UK Driving […]

May 20

Fun with Theory Test Revision on Coronavirus Lockdown

UK theory tests are currently suspended until 31 May, 2020. However, the suspension doesn’t mean you can’t be prepared for your theory test once lockdown measures are lifted, and there are some great ways you can get your family and friends involved in your theory test revision routine… Video calls have been the best way […]

Apr 20

Driving Lessons and the Coronavirus Lockdown | Some Advice

Driving hasn’t been completely banned under coronavirus lockdown measures. So, does this mean you can still take driving lessons? Based on government guidelines, we would recommend not taking driving lessons during this time, to avoid endangering yourselves and others.

Apr 20

Get Your Theory Test Revision Done During Coronavirus Lockdown

UK driving theory tests are suspended up to and including 20 April, 2020 – maybe even longer – due to the worldwide coronavirus pandemic. If you had a theory test booked, you’ll get an email telling you it’s been cancelled and a full refund. However, you should use the coronavirus lockdown for theory test revision.

Jan 19

UK drivers living in EU face passing driving test if there a no-deal Brexit!

Brexit will affect Brits living in EU countries, there’s no escaping it and it seems UK drivers will have to face passing a local driving test if Britain leaves the EU without a deal. On 15 January, Theresa May’s Brexit deal was rejected by MPs, making a no-deal Brexit increasingly likely. Here’s what we know! […]

Jul 17

Learning to Drive

Fewer under 25-year-olds are learning to drive according to new research. What’s happened? Why the sudden drop in theory test and practical exam numbers? Learning to Drive Losing its Appeal among UK Youngsters New research released by claims the number of young people learning to drive has declined over the last 10 years. Why […]

Jun 17

UK Driving Theory Test Doesn’t Prepare Country’s Learners for Motorway Life

The UK driving theory test and practical exam have been in the headlines recently following the announcement of a ‘makeover’. However, many of Britain’s learner drivers don’t think the theory test or practical exam do enough to prepare them, especially for motorway driving. Let’s find out why…

Jun 17

Driving Theory Test Failure Strikes Northern Ireland

The continuing decline of driving theory test pass rates in the UK has spread to Northern Ireland it seems. Latest driving theory test failure figures have been splattered across the Belfast Telegraph. What’s going on with the nation’s learner drivers? Good job Book Theory Test Today a 3 free retests scheme.

May 17

Young Drivers Facing Road Ready Jitters

Young drivers are facing ‘road ready jitters’… despite passing their theory test and practical driving exam. What’s worrying Britain’s young motorists?

Jan 16

Guide to UK DVSA theory test centres

Fun fact for you – the UK does not have a single town or city beginning with the letter ‘Z’, meaning no DVSA theory test centres. However, most major towns and cities have at least one so you can always expect to find one in your area.

Dec 15

What do you reckon it costs a learner driver to get on the road?

Getting your hands on a driving licence is expensive, but just how expensive? What’s your best guess as to how much it could cost you, the learner driver, to get on the road?

Dec 15

Motorway lessons for learner drivers

Motorway lessons for learner drivers could be introduced. Too little, too late or right on time?

Dec 15

Driving test failures resulting in learner drivers attacking examiners

Reports have emerged of driving test failures resulting in learner drivers attacking examiners. If your driving test is unsuccessful don’t lash out.

Dec 15

Can you learn to drive before booking a theory test online?

Book Theory Test Today answers commonly asked questions about the rules for booking a theory test online.

Nov 15

Learner driver driving test cancellations – Kettering

Following the recent driving examiners’ strike, we hear of a number of learner driver driving test cancellations up and down the country. Where were learners hit hardest?

Nov 15

Need to reduce theory test & practical exam stress? How about a new book?

Yes, the DVSA has released a new book to help motorists understand how factors such as attitude, health and mood can affect your ability to pass a theory test, get a driving licence and drive in general. Book Theory Test Today investigates.

Nov 15

That’s how to pass a driving test

Meet Lee Cunningham, the learner driver who achieved a perfect pass on his DVSA practical test. Now that’s how to pass a driving test!

Nov 15

A Book Theory Test Today guide to theory test apps – part four

With so many theory test apps now available, replacing the old-school CD roms and book resources, it’s difficult to know which will actually help you. Book Theory Test Today reviews some of the most popular theory test apps.

Nov 15

Theory test revision | How much time should you spend revising?

A common question asked on learner driver and student forums is how much time should be spent on theory test revision? Let’s find out…

Nov 15

Driving theory test success for teen thrown out of her last exam

Remember Lowri Jones? The diabetic teenager left humiliated after being thrown out of her last driving theory test? Well, she has stuck it to the system by returning to the same theory test centre and passing with flying colours.


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