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Nov 15

Learner driver driving test cancellations – Kettering

Following the recent driving examiners’ strike, we hear of a number of learner driver driving test cancellations up and down the country. Where were learners hit hardest?

Nov 15

First time driving test pass could earn you a refund

A first time driving test pass means you could be eligible for a part-refund of the cost of booking a DVSA practical test. The government is hoping that the incentive will increase first time driving test pass numbers, which currently stands at a paltry 21%.

Nov 15

What to expect when booking a theory test in Ireland – Part 2

In part one, we focused on some elements of what to expect when booking a theory test in Ireland, including test topics and licence categories. In part two we provide you with some further useful info.

Nov 15

Driving test cancelled? Apply for a refund of out-of-pocket expenses

Following on from our blog last week about the driving examiners’ strike, if you had a driving test cancelled as a result of the walk out, you can claim an out-of-pocket expenses. Here’s how…

Nov 15

What to expect when booking a theory test in Ireland – Part 1

Is the process for booking a theory test in Ireland different to the UK? Is the theory exam the same? In part one of this series, Book Theory Test Today provides some facts about the Irish driving theory test.

Nov 15

When I book a theory test do I have to take it in my home town or city?

Book Theory Test Today explains why you’re mistaken to think that you have to take a DVSA theory test in your home town or city.

Nov 15

Got your DVSA driving test this week? You need to read this…

If you have booked your DVSA driving test for Thursday 19 November or Friday 20 November, be warned that your test might be cancelled.

Nov 15

Should topics from the driving theory test be taught in schools?

Book Theory Test Today presents the case for taking driving theory test questions to the classroom…

Nov 15

DVSA could do U-turn on theory test booking fees

Mere weeks after fees to make an online driving theory test booking dropped to £23, the head of the DVSA dropped a bombshell recently, suggesting that fees for some services might have to be increased over the coming years.

Nov 15

Want to pass your theory test? Don’t take advice from those with a driving licence

A strange request. But, if you want to pass your driving theory test, don’t ask for help from those with a driving licence. Here’s why…


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