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Aug 13

Beware ‘Flash for Cash’ Insurance Scam Warns

A warning has been issued to motorists regarding a new insurance scam, dubbed ‘flash for cash’, whereby rogue drivers bait other motorists at junctions by flashing their headlights encouraging them to pull out. Upon pulling out of the junction the unsuspecting victim is then crashed into on purpose with the perpetrator then denying they flashed […]

Aug 13

Road Rage Rebels Revealed by New Study

According to a new study of Britain’s motorists, men driving blue BMW’s are the UK’s most aggressive drivers. The study claims that men driving blue BMW’s specifically are more prone to road rage than those driving any other vehicle type or colour.

Aug 13

No Correlation between Mobile Phone Drivers and Accident Figures According to Report

New research conducted by Carnegie University and the London School of Economics has found no link between the number of drivers making mobile phone calls and the number of road accidents.

Aug 13

New Police Powers to Handout Fines for Motorway Offences come into force Friday 16th August

New £100 on-the-spot fines will come into force on Friday 16th August as police are empowered to deal with drivers hogging the middle & outside lanes of Britain’s motorways and those who tailgate other road users.

Aug 13

Scandal on Britain’s Roads as EU Nationals Get UK Driving Licences Without Taking UK Driving Test

It’s estimated that over 500,000 EU nationals in Britain have obtained a UK driving licence without having to undergo the UK driving test.

Aug 13

Tensions Between Drivers and Cyclists Mount

A new study reveals that relations between drivers and cyclists are at an all-time low as cyclists increasingly where helmet-mounted cameras depicting the daily dangers they face on Britain’s roads.

Aug 13

Illegal Immigrants Granted UK Driving Licences

A number of undocumented immigrants residing in Britain, and awaiting decisions on their UK immigration status, have been taking UK driving tests and receiving a driving licence a recent report has revealed.

Aug 13

Heckmondwike, West Yorkshire, Named as Town With Lowest Pass Rate for Learner Drivers

Heckmondwike, little known to most people in Britain however, all that has changed as it made national news for having the nation’s worst learner drivers.

Aug 13

£1.2 million! Would you like to pay in instalments? Young Driver Receives Insurance Shock

Introducing Rhys Barker, a young driver, who like many other young drivers struggles to insure his vehicle because of his age and his gender. Whilst Mr Barker did expect his insurance quote to be high, he could not have anticipated receiving an insurance quote of £1.2 million to insure his 10-year old Vauxhall Corsa.

Aug 13 – High Insurance Rates Hit Young Bus Driver – A Case Study

Meet Tim Clarke, he is 19 and like many young drivers he is unable to drive his own car because he does not have the funds to insure his vehicle.

Aug 13

Drivers to be given 15 minute Grace Period to Park on Double Yellow Lines

New plans could see motorists granted a 15 minute ‘grace period’ to park, free of charge, on double yellow lines, has learned.

Aug 13 | Cumbria Police Address Young Drivers about Driving Styles

Young drivers in Cumbria have been spoken to by the police in a bid to reduce the number of road traffic accidents involving young people that are behind the wheel.

Aug 13

High Court Prevents Researchers from Revealing Information on Cracking Car Immobilisers

A high court ruling has stifled attempts by three security researchers to publish information containing details of how to crack a car immobilisation system.

Aug 13 | Young Drivers Feel ‘Victimised’ by High Car Insurance Premiums

Young drivers feel they are being driven to buy older, cheaper vehicles because high insurance premiums on newer, safer cars are pricing them out of the market, according to new research.


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