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Jul 14

Woman Racks Up Record 110 Theory Test Fails

Book Theory Test Today investigates the bad luck of a woman who has failed the theory test a whopping 110 times. Worst of all she still hasn’t passed.

Jul 14

Employers, Employees & the Theory Test

Book Theory Test Today investigates how your employer can provide theory test and practical driving exam support. If you’re employed by a company whereby driving is an essential part of your employment, it’s possible that your employer can provide support with your theory test and practical driving exam if you have not yet passed your […]

Jul 14

Bristol Voted Worst City in Britain for Motorists

Book Theory Test Today investigates why Britain’s best place to live has been singled out as a bad city for motorists.

Jul 14

Theory Test & Driving Test Rituals Revealed

Learner drivers go to all sorts of extremes to pass the theory test and practical driving exam. Book Theory Test Today reveals some of the superstitions of test candidates.

Jul 14

Should Cyclists Be Forced To Take a Theory Test?

Book Theory Test Today offers an insight into the issue of cyclists and Britain’s roads and asks, should they be subjected to a theory test like every other road user?

Jul 14

Male Drivers Improving, Women Getting Worse New Figures Show

Book Theory Test Today reveals figures of male and female theory test and practical driving exam pass rates as the battle for driving supremacy continues.

Jul 14

Figures Show Plummet in Motorcycle Tests Thanks To New Laws

Book Theory Test Today investigates how changes made to motorcycle licensing laws in January 2013 have discouraged riders from taking a motorcycle theory test and practical exam causing a huge plummet in motorcycle tests.

Jul 14

Cost of Motoring Crippling Young Drivers

Book Theory Test Today investigates the frustrations as the soaring cost of motoring is crippling young drivers. Provisional licence costs, theory test costs, fees for driving lessons and the cost of the practical exam. The bill for simply learning to drive is a burden to Britain’s young motorists, but even after passing a theory test […]

Jul 14

Increase in Online Petitions to Scrap Hazard Perception Test

Book Theory Test Today investigates the recent surge in online petitions to scrap the hazard perception test. First introduced on November 14th 2002, the hazard perception test has now been part of the theory test for 12 years. However, over the last two years there has been an increased frequency of online petitions calling for […]

Jul 14

Surge in Selfies Behind the Wheel – Just Look at Yourself!

Book Theory Test Today explores the trend of selfies behind the wheel that has caused outrage among road safety campaigners. ‘Selfie’ – Defined as taking a photo of one’s self before uploading it onto a social media site. It’s a social networking phenomenon and the term has been endorsed by the Oxford Dictionary, which voted […]

Jul 14

Should Newly Qualified, Young Drivers Be Restricted? Survey Says Yes!

Book Theory Test Today examines the response of the public following a survey about placing restrictions on newly qualified young motorists. As if young drivers don’t already have it bad enough, with theory test costs, the cost of driving lessons, battling nerves during the practical exam and even paying high insurance premiums. Now, the results […]

Jul 14

One in Five Learner Drivers Already has Penalty Points. Is this you?

Book Theory Test Today investigates a worrying trend that’s rapidly surging among learner drivers. Before even passing a theory test or practical driving exam, learner motorists are racking up penalty points on their driving licence. A recent study revealed that 53,988 motorists with provisional driving licences have penalty points.

Jul 14

Changes to the UK Theory Test Questions You Need to Know – Part Two

In part one of this series Book Theory Test Today covered changes to the UK car theory test. In part two we reveal questions that have been altered on the motorcycle theory test following the rebranding of the DSA. Alterations to the car theory test, following sweeping changes made to the DSA, have inevitably meant […]

Jul 14

Learner Driver Caught Red-Handed Using Hidden Mobile Phone to Cheat on Theory Test

The increasing number of theory test cheats continues to be a problem at test centres across the UK. In the latest act of deceit, a 39-year-old man is arrested for using a Bluetooth earpiece to contact a friend. Here at Book Theory Test Today we understand the stresses and pressure that come with taking and […]

Jul 14

Will a Mock Theory Test Help With Real Theory Test?

Many learner drivers underestimate the value of taking a mock theory test but, did you know that a lack of preparation is arguably the single biggest cause of theory test failure. Our research suggests that a mock theory test will help with your real theory test. To ensure that you’re fully prepared for your theory […]


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