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Should Cyclists Be Forced To Take a Theory Test?

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Book Theory Test Today offers an insight into the issue of cyclists and Britain’s roads and asks, should they be subjected to a theory test like every other road user?

Whether you want to drive a car, bus, truck or ride a motorcycle on Britain’s roads you’re required to take a theory test and sit a practical exam. To ride a pushbike, you simply retrieve the bike from your shed, garage or other storage place, mount and take to the roads. No theory test or practical assessment required.

It’s no secret that drivers and cyclists have been at war for decades, with motorists complaining that they break every Highway Code rule in the book and cyclists arguing that they are entitled to use Britain’s roads as much as motorists.

The battle for road rights between the two parties continues to rage on, with neither side relenting in arguing their case.

Book Theory Test Today says: “Harmony between motorist and cyclist is still some distance away and there are numerous challenges to overcome in order to ensure safe use of Britain’s roads for motorists and cyclists.”

Much of the confusion surrounding cyclists using the road network comes down to road laws. The majority of cyclists jump red lights, they’re not legally required to wear helmets and there are many more ‘rules’ of the road that cyclists seem able to flout compared to motorists.

An insight from one road rules expert clarifies why cyclists are not subjected to a theory test or practical exam. He says: “Laws regarding theory tests and practical exams for cyclists are quite clear. Testing is proportional to power output. The presence of a motor creates faster and power vehicles.

Therefore, drivers of a motor vehicle are subjected to a theory test and practical exam to assess their competence, before permitting them to operate a motorised vehicle on a public highway.

Book Theory Test Today says: “To prepare for a theory test or practical exam, many will opt for tutoring and driving lessons. However, did you know? There’s no legal requirement for you to get theory test tuition or driving lessons, you simply have to sit and pass the exam.”

Given that most bicycles don’t have motors, the exception being electric powered bikes, road authorities do not deem a theory test or practical exam necessary for cyclists.

One commentator states: “Given that cyclists do not have engines (apart from those who operate electric bikes, but that opens up a whole new can of worms) the law has not seen fit to require testing before cyclists start using the public highway, even though they operate what the law has considered a carriage since 1888.”

He added: “This carriage, ridden carefully by an unprotected operator who risks injury to their self, is deemed to be capable of causing little harm to others. In this respect cyclists are like pedestrians. Test cyclists who use the roads, and you’d have to test pedestrians who use the roads.”

However, although cyclists are not required by law to sit a theory test or practical exam, many of them do undergo some form or road training. For instance, children now have cycling and road safety lessons at school and a similar scheme exists for adults.

Book Theory Test Today says: “It’s also worth pointing out that almost 90 per cent of cyclists own a vehicle and have therefore, passed a theory test and practical exam”

What are your thoughts? Should cyclists face the same testing procedures as other road users? Leave your comments.

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