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Charity Offers Theory Test Tuition

Book Theory Test Today examines the Queen Elizabeth Foundation’s theory test tuition initiative for disabled people.

The Queen Elizabeth Foundation (QEF) provides assistance for people suffering with physical and learning disabilities or acquired brain injuries, helping them to learn new skills and increase independence. As part of their service the foundation offers theory test tuition, allowing people to work towards obtaining a driving licence.

But, it’s not just theory test tuition the service offers. They help individuals to learn everyday life skills, rebuild a life impacted by brain injury, find training for future employment and, after passing a theory test, teaching people to drive a specially adapted vehicle.

In a statement from a QEF representative, they said: “We’re about giving people back their independence. Where mainstream society is unable to provide a solution that’s where the QEF comes in. Offering theory test tuition is just one of the many initiatives we provide. For those with learning disabilities, theory test prep alone can be a daunting task, but we’re here to help.”

QEF understands the struggle that people with learning disabilities face when it comes to learning driving theory, hence the reason for launching this scheme. It became essential that they offered the theory test service as part of aiding individuals to get a driving licence to operate a specially adapted vehicle.

A QEF spokesperson said: “Theory test lessons at QEF can be organised with one of our Approved Driving Instructors, all of whom have the knowledge and expertise to provide a great theory test tuition service.”

Book Theory Test Today says: “The great thing about this scheme is that the QEF identified a need and met that need in the best possible way. The fact that the service is free is fantastic and gives those people, shunned by mainstream society, an opportunity to develop and learn driving theory.”

This brand new service offers individuals the opportunity to undergo quality, one-to-one, theory test tuition. The sessions are designed to be interactive and informal, giving people the opportunity to ask questions as well as giving them a platform to demonstrate their knowledge and understanding.

All progress is monitored closely, allowing tutors to assess your strengths and identify key areas where more practice may be required. The theory test tuition service is completely flexible, tailored to the particular needs of an individual to give them the best learning experience possible.

Each session works towards full preparation for the theory test examination, working through actual theory test questions, the Highway Code and sitting mock tests. Every step of the way, tutors offer advice and guidance to enhance knowledge.

Upon successful completion of a theory test, the QEF then provides additional assistance by helping them with driving a specially adapted car. The lengths the charity go to in order to increase independence has helped many individuals realise their goal of learning to drive.

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