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Apr 14

Nearly Fifty Per Cent Of Motorists Admit Mobile Phone Use

Book Theory Test Today examines research that reveals nearly half of UK motorists admit to using a mobile phone whilst driving.

Apr 14

What’s The Difference Between Minor, Major & Serious Faults? Part One

Book Theory Test Today identifies the differences between minor, major and serious road faults during the practical driving exam. In part one we cover the top three minor driving faults committed by learner drivers.

Apr 14

Which City Tops the Theory Test ‘First Time Pass’ Chart

The Book Theory Test Today blogger reveals the city in which learner drivers have the highest first time theory test pass rate in the UK.

Apr 14

Cost Of Theory Test To Be Reduced

Book Theory Test Today blogger reveals how learner motorists will save around £100 million over the next nine years.

Apr 14

Motorcycle Theory Test Costs To Be Cut

Book Theory Test Today reports on proposed plans to reduce the cost of the motorcycle theory test.

Apr 14

Driving Games Increase Chances of Passing Driving Test First Time

The Book Theory Test Today blogger explores the phenomenon of driving games helping learner motorists to pass their driving test.

Apr 14

Theory Test Wars Women Vs Men Who Is Better?

The results are in and the Book Theory Test Today blogger reveals all. The winner of the theory test wars in the year ending December 2013 is…

Apr 14

1.5 Million UK Theory Tests Taken Between March 2013-2014

Book Theory Test Today reviews the reasons behind the surge in the number of people taking the UK theory test.

Apr 14

New Cash Incentive Introduced To Encourage Safe Young Drivers

Book Theory Test Today blogger investigates new scheme in the North-East of England launched to encourage young drivers to get safe.

Apr 14

Foreign Language Driving Tests Have Officially Ended

Book Theory Test Today blogger writes of the official end to foreign language driving tests. Well, the day has finally come; foreign language driving tests have officially been abolished as of the 7 April 2014. As previously reported by Book Theory Test Today


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