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46 Per Cent of Theory Test Candidates Fail First Time

Failed-Driving-TestThe Book Theory Test Today blogger unravels the reasons behind low first time pass rates for the UK driving theory test.

Well, it came as a shock to us here at Book Theory Test Today, but shortly before closing the Driving Standards Agency (DSA) revealed that 46 per cent of first time theory test candidates fail.

Here at Book Theory Test Today we understand the importance of preparation, but is lack of preparation the only factor behind such low first time pass rates? In order to find out Book Theory Test Today carried out some research to establish whether there were any specific theory test questions that proved troublesome for theory test candidates.

Book Theory Test Today research uncovered the following results:

We were able to establish that 40% of learner motorists were unable to answer 8 specific questions correctly on their theory test.

  1. Should your car have unbalanced wheels, what can this cause?
  2. You collide with another vehicle in motion. Someone is injured and your vehicle is damaged. What four pieces of information should you obtain?
  3. Where would reflective amber studs be located on a motorway?
  4. You have broken down on a motorway. When using an emergency roadside telephone what information will the operator ask you for?
  5. How can you identify areas reserved for trams?
  6. When are you permitted to drive or park in cycle lane marked by a solid white line?
  7. Name three scenarios where you may overtake another vehicle on the left?
  8. You’re involved in a road traffic accident. What documents will the police request from you?

In a statement from the DSA, prior to closing, they said: “Unfortunately, this data represents a terrible first time pass rate. We can only advise that first time theory test candidates review questions that they know prove to be more difficult for them personally. It’s important to continually test yourself until you are certain that you have grasped the correct answer.”

However, it’s not just standard questions that prove troublesome for theory test candidates. Road signs are also notorious for tripping up test takers. Just 40% of learner motorists were able to correctly identify road signs presented to them when taking their theory test.

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