Restrict Driving Licences For Young Motorists Now Says Transport Minister | Book Theory Test Today Blog Restrict Driving Licences For Young Motorists Now Says Transport Minister | Book Theory Test Today Blog
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Restrict Driving Licences For Young Motorists Now Says Transport Minister

The Book Theory Test Today blogger investigates increasing pressure on the UK Government to impose restrictions on driving licences issued to young motorists.

Scottish Transport Minister, Keith Brown, is the latest high profile Government official to apply pressure on the UK Government to introduce ‘graduated’ driving licences for young motorists, writes the Book Theory Test Today blogger.

After passing the UK theory test and practical driving exam young motorists are entitled to apply for their full UK driving licence. However, in recent months there have been demands for certain conditions to be placed on driving licences issued to newly qualified motorists.

Keith Brown is keen to press ahead with introducing restrictions, but informed Members of the Scottish Parliament that a Government paper on graduated driver licensing (GDL) had yet to materialise.

Book Theory Test Today understands that the Scottish Government is unable to enforce its own legislation because driver licensing is ‘exclusive’ to the UK Government. However, the Scottish Government did propose a motion at Holyrood urging Westminster to develop and progress proposals on GDL without stalling any further on the issue.

Many commentators have called for graduated driving licences among young drivers in a bid to reduce road accident rates in the 17-24 age group. The majority of commentators say that the current testing process, which includes the UK theory test and practical driving exam, fail to identify the young motorists most likely to be involved in road traffic accidents.

In a statement from Alex Johnstone, Conservative MSP, he said: “I don’t believe that we should be able to sit a theory test or driving exam at any younger than 17, but I can see no harm in allowing drivers, under instruction, to drive at an earlier age – from 16 on a provisional licence, so guaranteeing that our young drivers have a full year under instruction, or at least have the opportunity, before they sit a theory test and then a practical driving exam.”

The Book Theory Test Today blogger writes: “The debate surrounding GDL is an interesting one. Some commentators claim that the scheme will improve road safety, giving novice drivers more training. Whereas, those in opposition to the scheme say that it penalises too many young drivers who would rely on a car to get to work. Introducing curfews could hinder young drivers, who have night jobs, getting to work.”

When quizzed about why the bill had suffered so many delays a UK Government spokesperson had this to say: “The safety of young people on our roads is paramount as too many young people die, too often. We are wrestling with how to make things safer while not unduly restricting the freedom of our young people.”

The spokesperson added: “We have agreed to commission research into how telematics can help change the attitudes and behaviour of learner drivers. We are also undertaking focus groups with parents, young people and employers to get a better understanding of the issues from their perspective. It’s not a process that can be rushed.”

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