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Illegal Immigrants To Be Denied Driving Licences

New laws will prevent illegal immigrants taking to Britain’s roads it has been announced. The new legislation will be introduced as part of the Coalition’s UK Immigration Bill in attempt to prevent people, who have no right to be in the UK, from accessing a UK driving licence.

The new Bill will give the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) powers to check the UK immigration status of individuals applying a UK driving licence. Furthermore, immigrants who currently hold a UK licence, but have overstayed their UK Visa will have their licence rescinded.

UK immigration ministers have stated that denying illegal immigrants access to driving licences slightly impairs their independence and will highlight to them that UK immigration authorities are monitoring them and cutting them off from privileges they are not entitled to.

Handing powers to the DVLA to check on the status of immigrants in Britain is part of widespread plans to make it tougher for illegal immigrants to remain in the UK. The new immigration bill also plans to crackdown down on illegal immigrants opening bank accounts and having access to the NHS.

In a statement from the UK Immigration Minister, Mark Harper, he said: “The Coalition is striking a balance between legitimate immigrants who benefit the economy and illegal immigration.”

The powers that will be given to the DVLA will allow them to compile a database of illegal immigrants and monitor those applying for a licence that have no right to be in the United Kingdom. Such information can then be passed onto UK immigration authorities who will be able to act on the information provided.

In a statement from a DVLA spokesperson they said: “Illegal immigrants driving on UK roads presents a real problem as they may not have undergone certain checks that determine their ability to drive. For instance, medical records may not be accessible as they will not have registered with a GP.”

By clamping down on access to driving licences the Government hopes to stifle the movement of illegal immigrants and prevent them from causing serious accidents of Britain’s roadways.

In recent years a number of high profile cases involving illegal immigrants causing fatalities on the UK’s roads have sparked outrage. Legal motorists have become increasingly frustrated that illegal immigrants driving vehicles on Britain’s road network are not being ‘dealt with correctly’.

The DVLA has also conceded that a high proportion of illegal immigrants operating motor vehicles in Britain are likely to be doing so without insurance, meaning that if they are involved in an accident that is their fault, it is usually the victim that suffers the financial ramifications

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