Illegal immigrant drivers to be jailed if caught driving
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Illegal immigrant drivers to be jailed if caught driving

It would appear that the crackdown on illegal immigrants has spread into the realm of driving. Illegal immigrant drivers now face prison as Britain looks to create a ‘hostile’ environment for foreigners in the country illegally.

Why is Britain picking on illegal immigrant drivers?

The crackdown on illegal immigrant drivers forms part of the government’s latest immigration bill, published on September 17, to create what it calls a ‘hostile environment’ for immigrants that are in Britain illegally.

Book Theory Test Today says: “Under new powers, police will have the authority to seize vehicles and jail illegal immigrant drivers. In England and Wales, those caught face a six-month maximum sentence, plus an unlimited fine.”

A spokesperson for the Home Office said: “Illegal immigrant drivers arrested for this new offence will have their vehicle impounded. If they’re convicted of the offence the vehicle will be forfeited.”

The spokesperson added: “Immigration enforcement officers will be given new powers to search individuals and vehicles, plus they will be able to seize driving licences should they suspect that a person is in Britain unlawfully.”

Support withdrawn for failed asylum seekers

A second reading of the new immigration bill will take place in the Commons on October 13. The bill includes detailed measures to withdraw support from people refused UK asylum, plus plans to introduce powers that would see the electronic tagging of people refused immigration bail.

Book Theory Test Today says: “The logic behind stopping illegal immigrant drivers from taking to the roads is plausible. However, jail times and unlimited fines seem excessive. There are far more dangerous drivers out there that get less for vehicular manslaughter!”

James Brokenshire, the UK’s immigration minister, said: “The message is clear, illegal immigrant drivers or any other individual who is in Britain unlawfully, should not be entitled to the same benefits and services enjoyed by hard-working, UK families and those people who are in the country legally and contribute. This extends to driving a car.”

Book Theory Test Today says: “It’s likely that the government is targeting illegal immigrant drivers in a bid to cut off their means of transport. The likelihood that they’re using the vehicle to commute to work, where they would be employed illegally as they have no immigration status, is high.”

Increasing pressure

The government has found itself under increasing pressure during the summer months as members of the British public, opposed to immigration, have criticised its handling of the Calais crisis and a recent announcement that immigration numbers had hit record levels.

Book Theory Test Today says: “It would appear that the driving licences of illegal immigrants have become a focus of attention as the government looks to stem the tide of criticism concerning its failing immigration policies. Watch this space.”

What’s your view on banning illegal immigrant drivers?

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