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May 17

Young Drivers Facing Road Ready Jitters

Young drivers are facing ‘road ready jitters’… despite passing their theory test and practical driving exam. What’s worrying Britain’s young motorists?

Nov 15

A blog on fog | How to drive in fog a Book Theory Test Today checklist

The clocks going back at the end of October signify dreary nights and plummeting temperatures for Britain’s drivers. Fog season beckons, too. So, here’s a Book Theory Test Today blog on fog.

Sep 15

Learner driver guide to blind spots

What is a blind spot? How do I check blind spots? Your blind spot questions answered in Book Theory Test Today’s learner driver guide to blind spots…

Sep 15

See what happens when you text and drive

‘To text and drive is inviting serious injury or death.’ Don’t believe us? Then our latest blog, come vlog will hopefully open your eyes.

Sep 15

Young drivers in North Yorkshire? Prepare for the honest truth

In an attempt to tackle anti-social driving among young drivers in North Yorkshire, police and driving instructors launch the Honest Truth scheme. What’s it all about?

Sep 15

How to perform an emergency stop during your driving test

Did you know? The emergency stop occurs in one in three driving tests. Here’s what you need to know to perform one during your practical driving exam.

Aug 15

Do stop signs really mean stop?

In a word, yes! A stop sign really does mean stop. Here’s a quick guide to the rules concerning stop signs…

Aug 15

10 steps to overtaking a vehicle

Are learner drivers allowed to overtake another vehicle? Yes! Book Theory Test Today gives you the 10 actions you must take when overtaking a vehicle…

Aug 15

Campaign launched for addition of motoring safety to the school curriculum

A new question has arisen in the world of motoring. Should teenagers be taught the basics of motoring safety in school before they’re old enough to hit the road?

Aug 15

Did you know? The first traffic light was installed 101 years ago

Before the hazard perception test, before the theory test, even before the practical driving test, there was the traffic light. Book Theory Test Today takes you on a historical journey.


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