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Aug 14

Varieties Of The Common Garden Motorist

Like it or not, a lot of us end up falling into stereotypical forms of behaviour as we go through life, and one of the most obvious examples of this is the way we choose to drive. Here are a few of the various groups you’ll encounter once you’ve blitzed that theory test and mastered […]

Aug 14

Still in School & Banned from Driving

Book Theory Test Today delves deeper into shocking new figures that show children, not old enough to take a theory test or practical exam, getting banned from driving. 

Aug 14

Confused About the Age at Which You Can Take a Theory Test?

Book Theory Test Today delves into the minefield that is theory test age limits…

Aug 14

Pensioner, 77, Passes Theory Test and Driving Exam

Following on from our recent blog – ‘Am I too old to learn to drive?’ – Book Theory Test Today blogs about Gran who passed the theory test and practical exam aged 77.

Aug 14

Driving Medicine For the Soul: The UK’s Best Routes

When you’re preparing to pass your driving test, most people will spend their time learning on dull, troublesome city or semi-urban roads that have the all the prettiness and visual appeal of a rubbish dump. Ok, that might be a little over the top, but the chances are that even once you’ve successfully navigated the […]

Aug 14

Raising Funds for Your Theory Test

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, the journey to achieving a full UK driving licence is a costly process. So, we thought we’d give you some useful ways to raise cash to pay for your theory test. 

Aug 14

Warning! New Wave of Theory Test Identity Fraud

Book Theory Test Today investigates a new form of identity fraud affecting learner drivers and full licence holders.

Aug 14

Good News, Driver Licence Fees Set to Fall by 32%

Book Theory Test Today reviews Government’s proposal to cut the cost of UK driving licence fees.

Aug 14

What The Test Doesn’t Teach You: 3 Important Motorcycle Etiquette Tips

You booked your theory test online and passed it with flying colours. You took your practical and breezed through it without a blemish. There’s still a lot to learn, though, including the challenges of navigating and dealing with all the weird scenarios that happen as part of daily real-life driving.

Aug 14

Is this the end of the driving theory test and practical exam?

With the announcement that driverless cars could be on Britain’s roads by January 2015, Book Theory Test Today examines the future of ‘driving’ in the UK.

Aug 14

Charity Offers Theory Test Tuition

Book Theory Test Today examines the Queen Elizabeth Foundation’s theory test tuition initiative for disabled people. The Queen Elizabeth Foundation (QEF) provides assistance for people suffering with physical and learning disabilities or acquired brain injuries, helping them to learn new skills and increase independence. As part of their service the foundation offers theory test tuition, […]

Aug 14

The Benefit of Intensive Driving Courses

Book Theory Test Today examines the benefit of intensive driving courses to determine if they’re for you…

Aug 14

How to Overcome the Stress of Driving Tests

Book Theory Test Today offers some top tips for overcoming the stress associated with driving related tests.

Aug 14

Am I too Old to Learn to Drive?

Book Theory Test Today explores some of the nonsense about learning to drive, highlighting that it’s never too late to learn.

Aug 14

UK Driving Bans, Do They Apply Abroad?

Book Theory Test Today responds to confusion over UK driving bans and driving overseas.


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