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Oct 14

Beginner’s Guide to the Hazard Perception Test

It is well documented that new motorists account for the majority of accidents that occur on Britain’s roads, particularly in the early months after passing their practical driving test.

Oct 14

Quit Stalling! A Book Theory Test Today Guide to Clutch Control

Constantly stalling the car during your driving lessons? Don’t worry, you’re not the first and you won’t be the last! Here’s the Book Theory Test Today guide to clutch control to help you out.

Oct 14

Re-Taking Your Theory Test Following Long-Term Illness

Book Theory Test Today provides a step-by-step guide to re-taking your theory test and re-applying for your driving licence following recovery from a medical condition.

Oct 14

Recent Interpreter Ban Causing Theory Test and Practical Exam Problems

5 months since the DVSA introduced English and Welsh only theory tests and practical exams, Book Theory Test Today assesses the state of driver testing in Britain.

Oct 14

Driving Through Floods – A Book Your Theory Test Today Guide

With winter 2014 setting in, and adverse weather conditions likely to hit the UK, Book Theory Test Today provides a guide to driving in a flood.

Oct 14

Driving Lessons – The Perfect Gift for Christmas

Christmas 2014 is on the horizon and if you’re a parent wondering what would make an ideal gift for a teenager aged 17 and upwards, Book Theory Test Today recommends driving lessons.

Oct 14

How to Get a Driving Licence without Passing a Test

Book Theory Test Today recollects one man’s account of how easy it is to get a driving licence in Mexico City.

Oct 14

Google Car Passes ‘Driving Test’

The Book Theory Test Today blogger examines the latest news surrounding Google’s driverless car.

Oct 14

Latvian Man Passes Driving Test First Time Despite Disability

Book Theory Test Today blogs on one man’s incredible journey to driving test success despite what many would view as an obvious hindrance.

Oct 14

Theory Test Pass Rates Plummet Due to Harder Questions

Book Theory Test Today investigates the trend of decreasing pass rates among learner drivers taking the theory test.

Oct 14


Book Theory Test Today – Road Wars! DVSA & RAC Clash Over Tax Disc The scrapping of the paper tax disc appears to be causing a few ripples across the motoring world. Book Theory Test Today investigates a feud between the RAC and the DVSA. Strap yourselves in!

Oct 14

Young Driver Award

Book Theory Test Today’s latest blog tracks the achievements of one of Britain’s best young motorists…

Oct 14

RIP Tax Disc

Well, the day has arrived! The 1st October, 2014 marks the end of the vehicle tax disc. It’s had a good run, gracing our windscreens for over 90 years. But, it’s time to move on! So, how do the tax disc changes affect you budding learner motorists?  Book Theory Test Today reveals all…

Oct 14

Top Tips for Coping with Inconsiderate Motorists

Book Theory Test Today provides some top tips for dealing with motorists with no manners…


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