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RIP Tax Disc

Well, the day has arrived! The 1st October, 2014 marks the end of the vehicle tax disc. It’s had a good run, gracing our windscreens for over 90 years. But, it’s time to move on! So, how do the tax disc changes affect you budding learner motorists?  Book Theory Test Today reveals all…

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The Tax Disc was decommissioned on October 1st, 2014.

Where will I notice the biggest change?

As a learner driver, if you’ve not yet taken your theory test the most noticeable change will be questions related to vehicle tax when taking your driving theory exam.

Everything you’ve learned about vehicle tax during theory test revision is now null and void. We’re sorry to break the bad news, but you’ll have to start from scratch. You know if you don’t that a question about vehicle tax will pop up on your theory test so, although it’s frustrating you’d better brush up your knowledge of the new tax rules, sigh!!!

Why’s the Government doing this to us?

The Book Theory Test Today blogger says: “The Government is retiring the tax disc in favour of a new online database, you know technology and all that, times have changed. Apparently the tax disc is too old fashioned for the modern motoring scene, a relic of past days. But seriously, the Government is actually hoping to cut £2 million in vehicle tax admin costs.”

The Book Theory Test Today blogger adds: “However, I did some digging around and ironically, although the Government could save £ 2 million, the cost to abolish the tax disc and switch to an online database exceeds £8 million.”

I’m a recent new driver, how does this affect me?

So, you’ve passed your theory test and driving exam, now you’ve just bought a car. Out of habit your dad will tell you to buy a tax disc, but he’d be wrong. In some ways you benefit from the new system, you’ve never had to tax a car before so you won’t be familiar with buying a tax disc.

In fact, the closest you’ve come to vehicle tax thus far is theory test revision and admiring a tax disc from afar when learning to drive your instructor’s car.

To order your tax disc using the new system the DVSA has kindly set up several payment methods. You can choose to pay in instalments by direct debit, opting to pay annually, every 6 months or monthly.

However, the direct debit option is only available to you from November 1st, but you can set up a direct debit plan via the website from October 1st or via your local Post Office from October 5th.

The Book Theory Test Today blogger says: “If you fail to comply the Government will hit you with a £1,000 fine. So, if you didn’t know about the new system now’s the time to learn.”

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