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Top Tips for Coping with Inconsiderate Motorists

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Book Theory Test Today provides some top tips for dealing with motorists with no manners…

Theory test revision and driving lessons teach you a lot, but there are just some things that neither of them can prepare you for, one of which is the actions of other motorists.

The Book Theory Test Today blogger says: “My first driving lesson, I remember it like it was yesterday. I stalled the car six times and almost ran over a cat. My first time on the road was a nightmare and upset a few people. But, the best words my driving instructor ever said to me, were ‘don’t worry, these people have just forgotten that they were learners once’.”

Although inconsiderate drivers tend to get a lot more frustrated with learner motorists, they do have their gripes with people who have been on the road for years.

The Book Theory Test Today blogger says: “Inconsiderate drivers get frustrated at the slightest thing and will often act with a petty response. I remember witnessing a scene at an Asda car park where an elderly man was trying to reverse into a disabled parking space. One impatient motorist, who’d been observing for about 15 minutes decided to drive around the back of this man’s car and park across the bay the man was trying to get into, just because the man wasn’t quick enough.”

The majority of road users are patient and remember what it was like for them when they were in your shoes. But, the odd few will give you a hard time on the road. The best advice that Book Theory Test Today can give you, should you encounter an ‘inconsiderate’, is to remain calm, ignore their behaviour and remain focused on what you’re doing.

The Book Theory Test Today blogger says: “Don’t get distracted by another driver’s shenanigans as this could compromise your safety. Ignoring their behaviour shows that they’re not getting to you, don’t be tempted to get caught up in road rage.”

If you’re struggling to handle a situation during your driving lesson inform your instructor. They have the experience and knowledge to guide you through an altercation with a disgruntled driver.

The Book Theory Test Today blogger says: “Unfortunately, as Britain’s roads become more congested, and with more people learning to drive than ever, the potential for tempers to flare is heightened.”

Should a situation escalate beyond your control you’re advised to call the Police. Road rage is something that law enforcement officers are trained to deal with and they have the power to prosecute nuisance drivers to the full extent of the law. You should not be made to feel intimidated when learning to drive. Like most things in life it takes practice.

People being inconsiderate to you while learning to drive is not a representation of how good your driving skills are, road rage says more about the person who is acting irresponsibly than it does about your driving. Remember! Above all, think safety first.

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