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May 17

Young Drivers Facing Road Ready Jitters

Young drivers are facing ‘road ready jitters’… despite passing their theory test and practical driving exam. What’s worrying Britain’s young motorists?

Jul 15

Is the influence of driving instructors becoming limited?

With news stories increasing of tearaway teenage learner drivers, Book Theory Test Today looks at whether the influence of driving instructors is diminishing.

Jan 15

Revealed – Wolverhampton Driving Test Routes – Part One

Since the DVSA [then known as the DSA] stopped publishing driving test routes for Wolverhampton in 2010, learner motorists have been unable to familiarise themselves with potential test routes. It has taken us a while to compile these, but Book Theory Test Today can reveal what we believe to be the most current routes. Here […]

Dec 14

Driving Test Collisions on Downward Trend

You’re all set, you’ve calmed your nerves and you’re ready to take the practical driving test. You set off and everything’s going smoothly but suddenly, crash! Someone’s driven into the back of your car. Thankfully, these types of incidents are on the decline according to new research. Book Theory Test Today assesses the results.

Dec 14

New Tuition Video Launched for Driving Instructors about Cyclists

The battle for Britain’s roads has intensified in recent years as disputes between cyclists and motorists become more aggressive. But one organisation is trying to change road culture, with a video aimed at teaching driving instructors to better understand cyclists. Book Theory Test Today gives an insight…

Dec 14

Here’s a New One for New Drivers – Motorists Fear You More Than Bad Weather

Book Theory Test Today investigates the outrageous results of a recent study that shows Britain’s drivers fear new motorists more than adverse weather.

Dec 14

Winter Driving – Do You Know Your Stopping Distances?

Driving on Britain’s roads this winter will put your stopping distance knowledge to the test. Book Theory Test Today asks – do you know your stopping distances?

Nov 14

Leeds Learners Upsetting Locals

What’s troubling the locals in a quiet Leeds suburb? Learner drivers! Book Theory Test Today investigates…

Nov 14

I’ve Passed My Driving Test Do I Need ‘P’ Plates?

The Book Theory Test Today blogger provides an in-depth guide to ‘P’ plates.

Oct 14

Driving Through Floods – A Book Your Theory Test Today Guide

With winter 2014 setting in, and adverse weather conditions likely to hit the UK, Book Theory Test Today provides a guide to driving in a flood.


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