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New Tuition Video Launched for Driving Instructors about Cyclists

The battle for Britain’s roads has intensified in recent years as disputes between cyclists and motorists become more aggressive. But one organisation is trying to change road culture, with a video aimed at teaching driving instructors to better understand cyclists. Book Theory Test Today gives an insight…

The Book Theory Test Today blogger says: “Love them or hate them, cyclists have a right to use the road, so the way forward is to find a solution for motorist and cyclist alike to use Britain’s highways harmoniously.”

To throw the cat among the pigeons, motorists need to know that bicycles actually existed before motor vehicles, using roadways an estimated 20 years before the first motorised transportation took to the road. Therefore, cyclists deserve a little respect.

Sadly, this is not always the case. Motorists tend to see cyclists as an inconvenience, adopting the attitude of ‘well I had to pass a theory test and a practical driving exam to be on the road, what do cyclists have to do, nothing.’

Now, in order to improve relations between motorist and cyclist, has launched a new video targeting driving instructors.

Why Driving Instructors?

Book Theory Test Today says: “ wants to tackle the problem before learner drivers become fully fledged road users. Driving instructors are being asked to educate their pupils in order to reverse current attitudes towards cyclists.”

With over 1.5 million theory tests and driving exams taken every year, more and more motorists are using Britain’s highways, making them more dangerous for vulnerable road users like cyclists.

Founder of, Blaine Walsh, had this to say about the video: “Instructors have a duty to not just teach people how to pass a theory test and to drive, but to instil ‘empathetic’ attitudes to other road users, and challenge pupils’ ignorance about things like ‘road tax’ and the idea cyclists are obliged to stay in bike lanes.”

Walsh’s website is dedicated to hosting instructional videos for the driving instructor profession. He currently has a network of 20,000 driving instructors on his database, with the potential for his latest video to have a big impact.

However, Walsh is not naive in thinking that this video will change attitudes towards cyclists over night. When he spoke to the head of training at the Driving Instructors Association, Olivia Baldock, he asked ‘Is there a section during their training where instructors are taught about vulnerable road users?’ This was the response:

“No, there isn’t. Cyclists are treated as any other road user. You need to be aware of them, you need to give them time and space – everything that a good and decent driver and road user should know. It’s the very basics really.

It’s all about training to be an ADI (approved driving instructor). With the training there’s a theory test, there’s practice, there’s an advanced driving section and there’s the ability to instruct. It comes through in all of those sections – there isn’t a particular module about cyclists.”

Book Theory Test Today says: “What’s your view on the motorist/cyclist debate? Leave a comment…”

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