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Something for the Motorcyclists | Your Top Three Learner Rider Complaints

It’s not just car drivers who experience problems in pursuit of a theory test certificate & driving licence, motorcyclists have their gripes too. Book Theory Test Today picks out the top three. Bikers, see if you agree?

The Book Theory Test Today blogger says: “In a change from my normal ramblings about car drivers, here’s a blog dedicated to motorcyclists. I’m acutely aware that I often overlook the bikers viewpoint when it comes to Britain’s roads, but that’s about to change. Enjoy!”

Cheap isn’t always Cheerful

There’s a temptation among bikers to opt for the cheapest rider training course available in pursuit of a theory test certificate and riding licence. However, here are the three top complaints of learner riders who chose the cheap option.

The standard of the bikes.

Given the cost of a rider training course (even a cheap one), the least you can expect is a decent bike, right? Wrong! The top complaint among learner riders is the state of the bikes they’re expected to ride. Obviously they are used quite a lot, but there’s no doubt that they should still be reliable and safe.

However, many bikers claim that they lose valuable time on the road due to breakdowns and there’s often no replacement bike available to continue on with.

Many learner bikers claim they are often issued with the wrong type of bike. Book Theory Test Today has heard of instances whereby those paying for Direct Access are forced to use a 125cc machine, with instructors saying that it’s for a learner’s safety prior to moving up to a bigger bike.

This is absurd; if you’ve paid for Direct Access you’re entitled to be on a bigger bike immediately.

The competence and professionalism of instructors.

Learner bikers claim that there have been incidents of instructors belittling and yelling at paying clients, hardly the best experience when preparing for a theory test or practical exam.

Learner bikers on the receiving end of such behaviour are outraged at the way they’ve been treated and are often forced to find a new course, wasting more time and money.

So, before you commit yourself to a course, arrange a face-to-face encounter or a conference call and find out whether the instructor you’ve selected can genuinely help you. After all you’re putting your life in their hands and putting all your hope in them to help you achieve theory test and practical exam success.

The standard of radio equipment.

In a car an instructor is sat next to you making communication easy. On a bike all communication relies on radios. However, the quality of the radios is one of the biggest gripes among learner bikers.

Many claim that they receive faulty headsets, unable to hear instructions during lessons.

Book Theory Test Today advises: “Don’t just take an instructors word that a headset works. Try it and test it for yourself and if you’re not happy hand it back and ask for another, after all, you’re paying for the service, remember.”

Bikers, do you agree with these gripes? Tell us about your experiences. Leave a comment.

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