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Practical Motorcycle Exam Explained – Part Two

Screen Shot 2014-06-04 at 20.59.47Book Theory Test Today examines the finer details of the practical motorcycle test. In part two we unravel some other elements related to the exam.

Will My Practical Motorcycle Test Proceed if the Weather is Bad?  

Book Theory Test Today says: “In extreme weather conditions you should be prepared for the fact that your test may be cancelled. Your test will subsequently be rescheduled, with no financial loss to you. You will not need to retake a theory test and you will be contacted in due course informing you of your rescheduled date.”

The DVSA attempts to cancel bookings in advance, but this is not always practical as local weather conditions can alter drastically, very quickly.

On the day of your test, if weather conditions have deteriorated, contact your test centre to clarify if your test will go ahead.

Independent Riding Explained 

In part one of this series, Book Theory Test Today explained how you will be equipped with a radio and an earpiece. Throughout your exam you will receive step-by-step instructions, except during one section, where you will be asked to ride independently. 

Radio communication will go silent and for the independent riding section of the exam you will be required to navigate following:

  • Traffic signs
  • A series of directions
  • A combination of the above

To facilitate your understanding of where you’re going when following verbal directions,your examiner will show you a diagram.

After the ‘On- Road Riding’ Exam

Irrespective of whether you pass or fail the practical motorcycle exam, your examiner will discuss with you any faults marked on your DL9 riding report. The debrief will provide you with an overview of how you did during the exam. The document will highlight all the serious faults and minor infringements if you’re unsuccessful with your exam.

Congratulations, You’ve Passed

Book Theory Test Today says: “If you pass, you’ll be presented with a pass certificate. This should be sent immediately to the DVSA in order to retrieve your full, motorcycle riding licence. Happy riding!”

Commiserations, You Failed

Book Theory Test Today says: “Never mind! The great thing is you can try again, provided your theory test certificate is still valid. Better still, Book Theory Test Today can rebook your practical exam on your behalf. Check out our service today via –”

If you’re unfortunate enough to fail, your examiner will give a thorough explanation of those aspects of your riding where things need improving. Next time, make sure you have learned from your errors. Don’t be disheartened, stick at it and remember a successful outcome starts with passing your motorcycle theory test.

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