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Motorbike Passengers – What are the Rules?

The motorcycle theory test and practical exam don’t really cover motorbike passengers, so Book Theory Test Today gives you a rundown of the rules.

The Book Theory Test Today blogger says: “There are no so many licence classes that it’s no wonder motorists get confused about what they can and can’t do under the terms of their driving licence. One of the more common questions we’re asked concerns motorbike passengers, i.e. when am I allowed to have a passenger on my bike? Let’s clarify.”

So, you’ve passed your motorcycle theory test and DVSA practical test, it won’t be long before someone’s asking for a ride on your motorbike. How do you know that you’re allowed to carry motorbike passengers?

Well, if you have the right licence to ride without L-plates – on either a moped or a category-A superbike – you are permitted to carry a passenger. However, the bike you have must be designed for passenger carriage and a helmet must be supplied.

The complication of carrying motorbike passengers

But hold on, even if you fit the criteria above there are still complications. How do you mean? You ask. An example would be that you have a car licence and CBT certificate or you just have a car licence, obtained before February 2001. In both these cases you automatically hold a full licence to ride a moped.

So, you can operate a moped with no L-plate and you’re permitted to carry a passenger. However, with most mopeds being just 50cc it’s likely that moving will be difficult under the weight of two people, yet it’s legal.

If you don’t have a car licence, holding just a provisional but with a CBT certificate, apologies, but you’ll have to settle for L-plates and no motorbike passengers. However, if you’re one of the rare breed willing to take on the moped theory test and practical exam and pass that means no L-plates and you can carry a passenger.

For more powerful bikes, i.e. stepping up to an A-1 or A-2 licence the rules differ when it comes to motorbike passengers. For an A-1 class licence, meaning bikes under 11kW, you will need to pass both a theory test and practical exam before you’re allowed to carry passengers.

For an A-2 licence, the same principle applies, you’re required to pass the theory test and practical and lose the L-plates to carry motorbike passengers.

To become a fully-fledged motorcyclist, you need to get the top ‘A’ licence, which has no facility for riding on L-plates. For a full-powered bike and privileges to carry motorbike passengers, you need to complete the theory test and practical exam. With full qualification, you’re unrestricted.

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