Top Tips to Slash the Cost of Motoring - #21 Top Tips to Slash the Cost of Motoring - #21
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From the Mouth of Martin: Top Tips to Slash the Cost of Motoring – #21

Strap yourselves in wannabe petrol heads. With the help of money saving expert, Martin Lewis, Book Theory Test Today is hitting the road with 50 top tips that will cut your motoring costs. Tune in each & every week for a new tip and remember to share with friends and family and slash the cost of motoring.

This week we’re looking at protecting your no-claims bonus, which is a fantastic way to reduce the cost of motoring. For every year you don’t make a claim you receive a discount and this makes a massive difference to the cost of motoring, long-term.

Cut the cost of motoring tip #21 – Conserve your no-claims bonus

Book Theory Test Today says: “Your no-claims bonus is the holy grail of motoring. Preserving it means discounts and keeping your insurance premiums down. That’s why it’s important to protect it because it makes a huge difference to the cost of motoring.”  

Let’s be clear, if you do claim you’re likely to lose at least two years worth of discount. This is a deliberate tactic used by insurance firms to encourage you not to claim.

However, there is a way to combat this. You can obtain a protected no-claims discount, which stops claims impacting your discount and keeps the cost of motoring down. There are also schemes that exist offering ‘accelerated no-claims bonuses’. For instance, giving you a 12 month bonus after 10 months.

The key thing to watch out for is price rises. Should you be involved in an accident, even if you don’t claim, you need to report it in order to keep your no-claims discount and to avoid your insurance becoming void.

However, even if you don’t claim your insurance policy is likely to cost you more. Why? Because having a discount is one thing, but after having an accident you’re considered more of a risk. Therefore, the price of your insurance policy will rise increasing the cost of motoring for you.

Why will it cost you more? It will cost you more because insurers use a different calculation to determine the price of your insurance policy if you have been involved in an accident.

The best way to avoid having to claim is accident prevention. If you have a garage, use it. If you have to park your vehicle on the road, take every precaution to keep it safe. Fold in your side mirrors and make sure it’s locked and has a security device, such as a steering wheel lock. Anything to avoid damage to your vehicle will cut the cost of motoring.

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