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From the Mouth of Martin: Top Tips to Slash the Cost of Motoring – #25

Strap yourselves in wannabe petrol heads. With the help of money saving expert, Martin Lewis, Book Theory Test Today is hitting the road with 50 top tips that will cut your motoring costs. Tune in each & every week for a new tip and remember to share with friends and family and slash the cost of motoring.

This week we’re looking at free parking. Is it really free? In some cases free parking is a bit like those ‘see your credit report for free adverts.’ It’s advertised as free, looks free, but before you know it there’s a cost involved, jacking up the cost of motoring for you.

Cut the cost of motoring tip #25 – Suspect everything when it comes to parking

Book Theory Test Today says: “No double yellow lines, no double red lines, no parking meters and no ‘do not park signs’, you’re in luck. However, an hour later you return to your car and you’ve been slapped with a ticket, ramping up your cost of motoring.”

How did that happen? Well, even if the parking is free there are usually some rules you have to abide by.  

It’s often the case that you can park for free in rural or suburban locations because there are no road markings. However, just because there are no markings, meters or signs, you can’t just leave your car anywhere. If you carelessly park your vehicle, we can guarantee you will be increasing the cost of motoring for yourself.

Here are some things you should avoid doing to stop yourself getting hit with a parking ticket and a cost of motoring increase…

  • Don’t park at the top of a hill – Approaching vehicles may not be able to see your parked car and there’s just one outcome in this instance, an insurance claim coupled with an increase in your cost of motoring
  • Don’t park on a bend – A bit like parking on a hill, other motorists might not see your car until it’s too late. You’ll be calling your insurance company again and they will like you even more
  • Don’t leave your car on a clearway or red route – No sign? Didn’t look for one? Don’t park in that area, find yourself a residential street or road where other cars are parked
  • Don’t park your car within 10 metres of a junction – If we have to explain why this is unsafe you deserve to see your cost of motoring increase
  • Lowered kerbs, don’t park on them – Lowered kerbs usually mean access to a driveway. Blocking someone’s driveway could lead to a whole load of grief

To avoid increasing your cost of motoring with numerous parking tickets, remember, if there are no other vehicles parked where you’re parking there’s probably a reason for it.

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