Top Tips to Slash the Cost of Motoring - #3 Top Tips to Slash the Cost of Motoring - #3
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From the Mouth of Martin: Top Tips to Slash the Cost of Motoring – #3

Strap yourselves in wannabe petrol heads. With the help of money saving expert, Martin Lewis, Book Theory Test Today is hitting the road with 50 top tips that will cut your motoring costs. Tune in each & every week for a new tip and remember to share with friends and family.

This week we’re looking at paying monthly for your insurance. Did you know? Paying your car insurance monthly incurs an interest rate charge, it’s true.

Book Theory Test Today Cost of Motoring Tip #3 – Avoid Paying Monthly

Book Theory Test Today says: “Paying car insurance on a monthly basis is equivalent to paying a high–interest loan.”

Money expert Martin Lewis demonstrates: “If you’re insurance premium is £1,000, but you’re paying an APR of 25%, your insurance is actually costing you £1,140 a year once interest is applied.

To prevent paying more for your insurance, Book Theory Test Today advises that you pay the amount in full. If that’s not an option get yourself a credit card with a lower interest rate. Or, as Martin says, ‘get yourself a 0% credit card for spending; making sure what you’re repaying is substantial enough to clear the credit within 12 months.’

When paying by credit, either in monthly instalments or in full, be sure to check that your insurance provider doesn’t charge you a fee. However, it’s likely that the fee is less than the one charged when paying by monthly instalments.

How do the Big Insurers Compared?

Well, the awesome Mr Lewis carried out a comparison check and compiled details of the monthly APRS of the UK’s biggest insurers. From highest to lowest, these are as follows:

  • Endsleigh – 39.7%
  • Aviva – 36.9%
  • RAC – 29.9%
  • Hastings Direct – 29.9%
  • Axa – 29.6%
  • Privilege – 29.4%
  • Prudential – 24.1%
  • Churchill – 24.1%
  • Sainsbury’s – 24.1%
  • John Lewis – 23.5%
  • Co-operative – 18.5%
  • Asda – 14.5%
  • M&S – 9.9%
  • First Direct – 0%

Correct as of January 2015

Based on these results, First Direct provides the best deal. However, if you can afford, Book Theory Test Today always recommends payment in full.

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