Driving Theory Test Centre Disappears In Bristol Driving Theory Test Centre Disappears In Bristol
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Where Did It Go? Driving Theory Test Centre Disappears In Bristol

Driving theory test candidates receive compensation as theory test centre goes AWOL. Book Theory Test Today investigates.

You would be forgiven for thinking you had lost the plot if you turned up at a theory test centre to find it gone. But, that’s exactly what happened to a number of theory test candidates in Bristol who turned up at the King Street centre only to find that it had upped and left without informing anyone. Actually, scrap that a printed notice was left on a door.

Theory Test Centre Incompetence

I can only imagine this was less than amusing for those bewildered candidates and it really doesn’t do the DVSA any favours. If you consider that the number of people learning to drive is decreasing, this incompetence does little to encourage learner drivers to trust the system.


To try and stem the amount of egg dripping off their face, the DVSA issued an apology claiming ‘unavoidable circumstances’.  A DVSA spokesperson said: “Due to unavoidable circumstances we had to vacate our theory test premises in Bristol at short notice.”

Where did it go?

The theory test centre was moved from King Street, Bristol to a makeshift theory test centre in Avonmouth, 8 miles away,  at short notice on December 23, 2014. The DVSA spokesperson said: “To maintain a service for customers we arranged for mobile test vehicles to be located at Avonmouth. We are now looking for a more central temporary site in Bristol pending a permanent relocation.”

The spokesperson added: “We apologise for any inconvenience and have offered candidates free re-tests and compensation to cover out-of-pocket expenses.”

It’s understood that candidates who had booked a theory test had been informed of the venue change by email or telephone. However, due to an error a number of candidates were not told that the shuttle bus service was not in operation over the Christmas and New Year period. The bus service has since ceased.

Those affected said there was a lack of communication, with no advance warning that the venue had been switched.

But, even those that new about the switch faced further frustration with a number of theory tests cancelled because one of the mobile vehicles was not working.


Candidates were happy to be reimbursed and have re-tests booked, but they said it wasn’t just about the money and lack of communication. Some said that they had booked holiday from work or taken time out of college/university to attend their test appointment. Time which has been lost thanks to the errors.

So, as a precaution…if you’re booking your theory test at King Street theory test centre, Bristol, just give them a call to check they’re around. Better still, let Book Theory Test Today do it on your behalf >>> Start Now.

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