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Can I contact a theory test centre direct about an online theory test booking?

We’re often asked if a theory test centre can be contacted directly concerning an online theory test booking. It might be that you’re running late for your test appointment, for instance, and you need to know how to let your theory test centre know. Book Theory Test Today explains…

Driving theory test candidates needing to contact a theory test centre concerning an online theory test booking is not uncommon. It could be that a candidate is running late or has fallen ill on the day of their theory test and they need to get in touch with a DVSA theory test centre in order to explain their situation.

Unfortunately, theory test centres do not provide telephone numbers for candidates who have made an online theory test booking. Telephone numbers are also not available publicly.

Online theory test booking not maintained by test centre

If you’ve made an online theory test booking, it’s worth knowing that the test centre at which you have booked your test is not responsible for maintaining your booking. That responsibility lies with the DVSA. Currently, the DVSA contracts Pearson Professional to run and operate the theory test and theory test centres.

Contacting a theory test centre

Despite there being no direct telephone contact numbers available to candidates, theory test centres are contactable via the DVSA. If you urgently need to contact a theory test centre, it’s advised that you call the DVSA immediately. While they don’t manage test centres, they will have direct access to them.

You can contact the DVSA anytime between 8am and 4pm concerning your online theory test booking. Alternatively, you can make contact with Pearson Professional, the organisation responsible for operating UK theory test centres. However, they’re only reachable via email

Late for your theory test? You could lose your fee

Regardless of whether you have made contact with your chosen theory test centre, if you’re late for your test appointment you’re almost certain to miss the chance to take it. You will also lose the test fee and you will have to make another online theory test booking.

Theory tests are carried out in groups and candidates in your group will sit the theory exam at the same test centre at the same time as your appointment. As a result, the staff are unable to delay the exam to accommodate an individual who is late.

Therefore, you need to be at the test centre 30 minutes prior to the start of the exam so that you can be prepared. If you arrive in the ‘nick of time’ for your test you might be fortunate that the staff will breeze through the preparation process and get you into the testing room pronto, provided the test has not been started for other candidates.

Don’t leave it all to chance though, get to the theory test centre in plenty of time. If you know traffic in your area is bad, for instance, allow an extra 15-20 minutes for your journey. Better to be exceptionally early than agonisingly late.

Make an online theory test booking today with us

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