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May 22

Motorcycle and moped tests

Motorcycle and moped tests are extremely expensive. However, motorcycle insurance is available for the motorcycle driver. The motorcycle insurance covers both the driver and the bike, providing a level of protection from legal liabilities in case of an accident or theft. Motorcycle manoeuvres test Motorcycle manoeuvres test is a motorcycle driving theory test that you […]

Apr 22

How to Get ready for Theory Test in the UK Before You Take Driving Lessons

If you’re reading this, you are almost certainly thinking about getting started on your driving lessons in the UK. But perhaps you’re not sure where to start, how to get the best value for money, or how to prepare for your theory test. If you are ready to start getting ready for your driving lessons, […]

Apr 22

How To Pass Theory Test Quickly: 6 Tips For Passing Your Theory Test Easily

Knowing how to pass a driving test is important, and every driver should know how. Theory is the practice of learning and understanding how to drive. To be a capable driver, you need to know how to drive on the road and what you need to know about the rules and regulations. In order to […]

Apr 22

How to take theory test in the UK when you don’t have a provisional licence

Having a provisional licence does not automatically mean you can take the theory test. This test is the final hurdle for a driver to get their fully licenced licence. Theory is a test of your driving under test conditions. It tests your ability to react and plan in situations that you may encounter on the […]

Apr 22

How to find Theory Test Cancellations

Is the theory test too difficult to complete? Can a student cancel their theory test? That’s possible for us. Cancel theory tests using this cancellation checklist. It’s the most effective way to get a new theory test. Change your theory test appointment Use the following methods: You will need three days to complete the test. […]

Apr 22

Tell me the difference between DVLA and DVSA?

Its function, from national security to museum management, includes the administration’s various acronyms. DVLA and DVSA are two things you may be dealing with when navigating the road. The two organisations can only be separated by an alphabet, but this does not necessarily make them the same. Knowing the differences in the DVLA and the […]

Jan 21

Extend Theory Test Certificate Validity DVSA Urged

Less than a week into 2021, the UK was plunged into a third national lockdown. Once again UK theory test and driving test centres have been shutdown. As a result of the latest lockdown, many learner drivers will see their theory test certificate validity expire, leaving them unable to take their practical exam. Driving instructors […]

Apr 20

COVID-19 and Theory Tests – What You Need To Know

The coronavirus is having a definite impact on the world. It is playing havoc with pretty much every facet of normal life, and things may never be the same again. However, it’s important to understand that when it comes to driving and learning to drive, there are ramifications to the COVID-19 pandemic. Understanding what this […]

Apr 20

Critical Workers, Driving Tests and COVID-19 – Guidelines

The coronavirus pandemic has caused significant disruptions to the driving world. It’s now become even more difficult for people to get access to the theory driving tests that they need to be able to start using a vehicle every day. However, one particular group may be exempt from the rules and the issues that are […]

Apr 19

Northern Ireland Theory Test | Which Theory Test Centre is Closest to You?

There are approximately 5 theory test centres in Northern Ireland. If you’re looking to book a Northern Ireland theory test, you can find your nearest theory test centre in the region using the Book Theory Test Today website. Narrow down your theory test centre search and book your appointment, today. Northern Ireland theory test centres […]


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