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Feb 18

DVSA urged to introduce tougher driving test for seniors after fatality

A coroner has urged the DVSA to introduce a tougher driving test for older drivers following the death of a 61-year-old grandmother who was struck by an 88-year-old driver with ‘undiagnosed dementia.’ The accident reopens the debate about renewing the licences of drivers of a certain age… Should we hand in our driving licences after […]

Feb 18

Are Intensive Driving Courses Good Value for Money

10 driving lessons for £99, a pricing strategy that seems like a bargain for cash-starved learner drivers in a hurry to pass their driving test. However, do these pay upfront, intensive driving courses actually represent good value for money? Let’s find out… £99 for an intensive driving course sounds like a good deal, and gives […]

Feb 18

Motorists Support Compulsory Driving Test Resit Every 5 Years

Motorists Support Compulsory Driving Test Resit Every 5 Years A recent survey shows that UK drivers back compulsory driving test resits every 5 years. Just how practical is the idea and will motorists have to pay to retake the practical driving test? With 45 million licence holders in the UK, just how practical is it […]

Jun 17

Driving Theory Test Failure Strikes Northern Ireland

The continuing decline of driving theory test pass rates in the UK has spread to Northern Ireland it seems. Latest driving theory test failure figures have been splattered across the Belfast Telegraph. What’s going on with the nation’s learner drivers? Good job Book Theory Test Today a 3 free retests scheme.

May 17

Andover Driving Theory Test Centre to Open Full Time

Do you live in the Hampshire town of Andover? Are you a learner driver looking to take your theory test? Andover driving theory test centre looks set to be converted into a full-time facility, which is great news for local learner drivers.  

Apr 17

New UK Speeding Fines Could Cost 175% of Your Weekly Income

Alas… Speeding fines across England and Wales increased on April 24th (2017). Why? More and more British drivers are getting caught speeding, including learner motorists! So beware, getting slapped with any of the new UK speeding fines WILL cost you dearly, if you’re caught getting over-enthusiastic with the accelerator.

Dec 15

More driving test cancellations due to December strike action

Information on further driving test cancellations due to upcoming driving examiner strikes…

Nov 15

Learner driver driving test cancellations – Kettering

Following the recent driving examiners’ strike, we hear of a number of learner driver driving test cancellations up and down the country. Where were learners hit hardest?

Nov 15

First time driving test pass could earn you a refund

A first time driving test pass means you could be eligible for a part-refund of the cost of booking a DVSA practical test. The government is hoping that the incentive will increase first time driving test pass numbers, which currently stands at a paltry 21%.

Nov 15

Driving test cancelled? Apply for a refund of out-of-pocket expenses

Following on from our blog last week about the driving examiners’ strike, if you had a driving test cancelled as a result of the walk out, you can claim an out-of-pocket expenses. Here’s how…


*To Qualify For a Free Resit You Need To Achieve Over 39/50 In Your Exam. Read More.