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Revision, Revision, Revision...

The Driving Standards Agency recommends that you should undertake at least 20 hours of revision, prior to taking your driving theory test. And that’s something that we’d go along with. There are more than a 1000 questions to get through, and there will be 50 to answer on the day.  The questions will be completely random, so you have to be prepared for any of the 1000 appearing. 

Dont be afraid to ask

Believe it or not, examiners are just human beings doing their job. They are not completely unapproachable. If you have a question, or don’t hear them properly during the test, just ask them to repeat themselves. They’ll be more than happy to repeat the instruction. They’re not there to fail you; they are there to make sure that you can drive safely. 

Keep an eye out for speed limits

If it’s possible, and safe to do so, you should always keep your speed close to the speed limit of each road you drive on during your test.  If you drive well below the speed limit the examiner may judge you to be an unsafe driver that lacks confidence. 

Mirrors, Mirrors, Mirrors

Examiners pay careful attention to whether you are using your mirrors correctly. Be sure to frequently check your mirrors when overtaking or making turns. 

I'm late for my theory test, what do I do?

Candidates are advised to arrive at least 15 minutes before the start time of the test in order to have time for the preparation process. If you are late for your test, it will be marked as a "No Show" and you will have to book and pay for another test.

I wish to make a complaint, how do I contact the DVSA?

If you wish to make a complaint regarding your theory test, you may do so by contacting the DVSA. Please have the following information at hand:

  • The type of test you took (theory or practical)
  • The date, time and place you took your test
  • What your complaint is about
  • What you would like to happen

You will also need to provide two out of the possible three pieces of information:

  • Your driving licence number
  • Your theory test pass certificate number
  • Your practical or theory test booking reference

DVSA theory test complaints telephone number: 0300 200 1122
Address: DVSA, PO Box 381, M50 3UW

How soon can I take my theory test?

Learner drivers are often are eager to pass their driving test straight away. You can take your theory test for a motorcycle as soon as you are 16, and a car test once you turn 17 provided you have a provisional driving licence. Of course, this means you can start practicing before you turn 17, and even book a test on the your 17th birthday!


Be aware that the test is only valid for 2 years, which means you have to pass your practical in that time. For this reason, some candidates choose to wait until they have started having driving lessons so that they can make the most of this 2 year period.

THINK! provides road safety information for road users Brake The Road Safety Charity Take official practice driving theory tests - for free Where are the test centres?

There are over 160 theory test centres throughout the UK. Browse our test centres page for a list of all the test centres and their addresses.


Theory tests are conducted between 8am and 7pm during the week, and usually 8am - 10am on a Saturday, although some centres offer a Saturday afternoon or late morning. Specific theory test centers may run on a part-time basis in rural areas, and may even be operated from a mobile testing booth.

How to reduce the costs of your first car

Often a diesel varient is likely to be more efficient than its petrol equivalent. Opt for something with a smaller engine, perhaps a 1.0L or a 1.2L as this will often cost less to insure. After you pass your test, think about taking an advanced driving class such as Pass Plus to improve your confidence at night, in adverse weather and on the motorway, and this can also reduce the cost of your insurance premium.

7 Tips to Pass Your Theory Driving Test

To get your driving license, you should not only pass your practical driving test but also clear your theory driving test. The theory driving test has become compulsory and therefore you need to prepare well if you want to drive your dream four wheeler.

It is not very easy to clear the theory driving test as you need to have a fair amount of knowledge about traffic signs and road signs. The aim of the theory road test is to assess the knowledge of the driver before giving him a valid driving license. Depending upon the state you reside in, there is a slight change in the number of questions asked for the theory driving test.

Tips to Pass Your Theory Driving Test

  1. Book your Driving Theory Test: The first step is to book driving theory test in a center that is near to you. Once you book your name, you will get a confirmation. You will need a provisional license to book for the theory driving test.
  1. Prepare for the Test: Your theory driving test will have multiple choice questions and a hazard perception test. So, you must prepare well for those questions. You need to keep in mind that you have to answer more than 80% of the answers correctly in order to pass the theory driving test. Another important point to note here is that the questions will look simple but it can be tricky.

So, you need to put in long hours if you wish to clear your exam in the first attempt itself. Once you are done with preparing the multiple choice questions, it is important to spend some time on preparing for the hazard perception test. The hazard perception test includes multiple video clips that feature various hazards so you must be familiar so that you can handle the test easily.

  1. Take the Mock Test: Once you are done with learning, the next step is to take the mock test. There are many authorized websites that offer free mock tests. You can also check with your driving center to get the list of government authorized sites.
  2. Avoid Stress on the Day of Your Theory Test: Now that the day has arrived, you need to make sure there are no chances of any stress. So, get ready and arrive 15 – 20 minutes before the scheduled time at the examination center. This will allow you to avoid unnecessary last minute stress. Make sure you have your provisional license with you at the time of the test.
  3. Use the Practice Time Efficiently: You will be getting around 15 minutes practice time before the theory driving test starts. So, use the time efficiently to get used to the examination hall, the touch screen and the question patterns. In between, don’t forget to relax your mind.
  4. Mark the Tricky Questions: It is important to skip the tricky questions initially and move on to the easier ones. Once you are done with all the easy questions you can come back to the tricky questions and answer them. This will ensure you don’t waste your valuable time and you will also get enough time to work on the tricky questions. Utilizing your time is very important when you are taking a theory driving test.
  5. Take a Small Break: After you are done with completing your multiple choice questions, it is good to take a small break of 2 to 3 minutes duration. This will help you to relax a bit and prepare your mind for the hazard perception test.


That’s it!!! You are done with your theory driving test and now it is time to wait for the results. Most of the time the questions asked in theory driving test are simple but tricky to answer. So, the most important point is to prepare well. By following the points here, you have a good chance of clearing your theory driving test.

I want to drive. Take official practice driving theory tests - for free

Take official practice driving theory tests - for free

Here you can take official practice theory tests from the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA), free of charge.

Practice theory tests are available for learner car drivers, motorcyclists, lorry drivers, and bus and coach drivers.

Take a mock driving theory test

A mock driving theory test will help you to prepare for the test and highlight the areas where you can improve. Most will provide you with your score and flag up the questions you answered incorrectly. This will help you focus on all the areas where you need to brush up your knowledge, so you can hit the test centre feeling confident of passing first time.

Get friends and family to quiz you

During the real test, you will only have 57 minutes to answer all 50 driving theory test questions. This can seem quite daunting, especially if you get off to a slow start. A great way to prepare is to get your friends and family to randomly pick 50 questions for you to answer. Get them to put more pressure on you by setting time limits to answer each driving theory test question. 

Get to know your road signs

Whilst you’re going about your daily business, you’re sure to encounter many different road signs. When you spot one, say what you see. If you don’t recognise it, make a note and find out what it is when you get back home. This will help you build your knowledge of common road signs in no time!  

Get more driving time

It may sound obvious, but the more time you spend practicing driving the better. If you are making short journeys with your friends or family, ask them if you can drive. Every minute counts when you’re preparing for you driving test, all those short runs down to the shops might make the difference on the day of your test.

Observe the road as a passenger

When you’re travelling as a passenger, be sure to study how other drivers react to certain scenarios on the road. This will vastly increase your road awareness and help you prepare for any unexpected issues that may arise on your test. 

Know your vehicle

The examiner on your test won’t expect you to be a fully qualified mechanic, but they will expect you to know the basics. The ‘show me / tell me’ part of the test is quite often forgotten about prior to the driving test, so it could panic you if the examiner suddenly lifts the bonnet and asks you where your water coolant goes. The layout of car engines tend to differ from car to car, so it’s definitely worth spending 10 minutes looking ‘under the hood’ of the vehicle you will take your test in. 

Practice your manoeuvres

If you fail one of the manoeuvres on your test, it’s pretty much game over. So getting them right is essential. A good driving instructor will spend a lot of time with you on each maneuver, so you feel confident when asked to perform one on test day. Use every opportunity that you get to practice them. 

Try and remain calm

Okay, this one is easier said than done, but try to remain as calm as you can throughout the test. If you do something wrong, don’t worry too much, regain your focus and carry on driving. Chances are it could just be a minor mark on the examiner’s scorecard, which means that you can still pass your test if you keep it together for the remainder of the test. 

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