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Sep 14

Are You More Dangerous on the Road When Driving with Friends?

Book Theory Test Today offers a different perspective to an article published by the Daily Mail.

Sep 14

UK Driving Standards Dropping, But Not Mine

Yes, the title says it all. A high percentage of UK motorists say UK driving standards are plummeting and it’s someone else’s fault. Book Theory Test Today examines this bizarre story…  

Sep 14

New Driving Theory Test Introduced for Island Drivers

Book Theory Test Today investigates the introduction of an updated driving theory test for the Isle of Man and the Channel Islands.

Sep 14

What’s Lurking On Your Car Seat?

Did you know? Your car seat is dirtier than your toilet! Book Theory Test Today takes a look at the grime and clutter making our car seats potential health hazards.

Sep 14

Drink Driving Hits the Headline Again

With drink-driving seemingly never out of the news, Book Theory Test Today investigates the latest controversy surrounding the drinking and driving culture.

Sep 14

Survey Says One & a Half Million Motorists Never Had an Eye Test

Book Theory Test Today looks at shocking survey that shows one & a half million motorists that have never had an eye test.

Sep 14

Theory Test Under Threat?

Book Theory Test Today continues its coverage of driverless vehicles. This time around, driverless lorries, with reports indicating that self-driving HGVs will be road tested in 2015.

Sep 14

Reality Driving Programmes – Help or Hindrance to Young Motorists?

Book Theory Test Today blogger, astounded by BBC Three’s ‘Barely Legal Drivers’ reality driving programme, offers an opinion on reality driving shows. 

Sep 14

Box Junctions, What Do I Do?

Every now and then the theory test throws up a question that baffles candidates. Box junctions are just one of the many theory test teasers you could face. So, here’s how to deal with them…

Sep 14


The driving theory test is not just restricted to the UK you know, it spans worldwide. In some countries it’s even more gruelling and harder to pass. In this blog edition we cover the misfortune of one South Korean woman. 

Sep 14

Economy Tips To Save New Drivers Money

Sep 14

An Extremely Short History Of Motorcycling

When you finally manage to take to the road after all those hours of mastering the theory test and practising for the practical, you’re unlikely to be aware of motorcycling’s long and illustrious history. Whilst your mum may fret that riding a bike is “much too dangerous”, the occasional perils of having a bike today […]


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