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The driving theory test is not just restricted to the UK you know, it spans worldwide. In some countries it’s even more gruelling and harder to pass. In this blog edition we cover the misfortune of one South Korean woman. 

Here at Book Theory Test Today we make a habit of shamelessly exposing those who fail the theory test a lot of times. Just recently we poked fun at a British woman who had failed the theory test a record 110 times. Don’t worry, she’s ok and laughs about it herself. We understand the pressure to pass a theory test so sometimes, humour is a great remedy for disappointment.

But, if you think the British lady’s got it bad, spare a thought for South Korean, Cha Sa-Soon. Almost every day since April 2005, Cha had attempted the written theory test a whopping 949 times, finally passing on the 950th attempt.

In order to pass the theory test in South Korea candidates are expected to achieve a score of 60%. However, Cha only succeeded in reaching between 30% and 50% in 949 attempts.

Book Theory Test Today says: “It’s understood that Cha’s attempts at the theory test amounted to a total cost of five million won, equivalent to £2,577.”

Her determination to achieve a driving licence stems from her need to have a car for her door-to-door business, for which she personally delivers food and household items to her customers.

Despite now passing the theory test, Cha still has the practical driving exam to overcome and her theory test plight has been well documented in South Korea.

After failing the theory exam in February 2014, which was her 771st attempt, traffic police officer, Jung-Seok had this to say: “I feel so sorry for Cha every time she fails, I’ve never known anyone to struggle with the theory test as much as this.”         

He added: “When she passes, I’ll make a commemorative tablet myself and give it to her.”

Book Theory Test Today says: “The magnitude of theory test failures achieved by this poor lady is abnormal and certainly of scale the likes of which we’ve never seen in Britain. We fear for her on the practical exam. However, with so many theory test failures she could defy all logic and pass the practical exam first time. We hope so! Not only will it save her money it will save her the heartache.”

Don’t want to be like Cha?

Book Theory Test Today recommends revision! Yes a dirty word for many young drivers, but what is it they say? Oh yes, knowledge is power. There’s a reason parents confine you to your bedroom for GCSE and ‘A’ level exams! The same goes for your theory test. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, break out the Highway Code and get cramming.

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