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UK Driving Bans, Do They Apply Abroad?

driving-ban-abroadBook Theory Test Today responds to confusion over UK driving bans and driving overseas.

There’s a common misconception among UK drivers that driving bans inflicted here in Britain do not apply overseas. However, this could not be further from the truth. Granted, overseas driving is not a common theory test question, nor are you taught the rules of foreign roads when taking your practical driving lessons.

Recently, Book Theory Test Today published a blog revealing that the number of learner drivers receiving fines and being banned from driving, before even passing a theory test or practical exam, was on the increase.

To ‘escape’ such bans, a number of learner drivers have ventured abroad to pass both a theory test and practical exam, only to discover that the UK restrictions prevent them from doing so.

A recent article published by the Daily Telegraph (18 July 2014) backs up the assertion of Book Theory Test Today, stating that ‘you cannot legally drive in Europe if you’re prohibited from driving in the UK, even if using your own car.’

Book Theory Test Today says: “Should you be stopped by police on the continent you will be required to provide both the photo-card and paper counterpart of your driving licence.”

What if I don’t use my own car?

Book Theory Test Today says: “Learners with driving bans who go abroad think that hiring a car will help them keep their UK driving ban a secret. However, what most people don’t know is that car hire companies abroad can access DVSA records for a fee and check out your status.”

Did you know?

Most continental car hire companies frown upon banned drivers and a majority will not allow you even to hire a car for anywhere between three & five years if you’re banned for any of the following:

  • Speeding
  • Driving without due care & attention
  • Drink-driving

Book Theory Test Today states: “So many foreign car rental services will overlook your application for vehicle hire if you have six points or more on your licence. The importance of being a safe, diligent and responsible driver is vital. After all, you’re not told during your theory test preparation, driving lessons or practical exam that UK driving bans have worldwide consequences.”

However, there do remain a few companies that will rent you a car despite having a driving ban and only ask that your current driving licence is valid. Yet, their attitude will soon change should you be involved in an accident while using a hire vehicle, as a driving ban will have severe ramifications for the hire service for knowingly allowing you to drive while banned in Britain.

Book Theory Test Today advises that you check international laws before you:

1)      Book a theory test online to take overseas while you have a UK driving ban.

2)      Try to hire a car while banned in Britain.

3)      Try to take a driving test overseas while prohibited from driving in the UK.

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