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Britain’s Top Ten Most Dangerous Roads Revealed

Yes, there has been an entire report on the 10 most dangerous roads in Britain. So, Book Theory Test Today thought we should tell you about them…

When researching for our blogs, Book Theory Test Today comes across some very interesting information. This time around we discovered Britain’s 10 most dangerous roads in 2014. We were attracted to this report because it involved the word danger, but more importantly, to make you aware of these roads if you use them.

Now, preparing for your driving theory test and taking your driving lessons does tell you a lot about roads, but unfortunately it does not tell you which of them are most dangerous.

The Book Theory Test Today blogger says: “To be honest, all roads are dangerous; we’re taught that at school. It’s just that some are more dangerous than others, often highlighted by the number of deaths or accidents that have occurred on that road.”

Well, I guess you’re itching to know which roads make up the infamous list. Keep your pants on… here they are:

Top of the Pile

At the summit of the list is the A285 between Chichester and Petworth, any learners or newly qualified drivers, pay attention. According to the Road Safety Foundation (RSF), fatal and serious collisions occurring on this 12-mile stretch of highway, have increased by 16 per cent across a five year period spanning 2007 – 2012.

This makes it the UK’s most notoriously dangerous road. In a statement from the RSF charity, they said: “More is required in terms of Local Government intervention if this situation on the A285 is going to change anytime soon.” 

In Second Place

The Book Theory Test Today blogger says: “Moving out of England, we’re heading into Scotland to the A809. This 10-mile stretch of highway in Glasgow ranks as the second worst road for fatal and serious collisions in Britain.”

Third Place Finisher

We’re staying in Scotland, heading over to the A937 in Montrose, Angus. This eight-mile section of highway claims its spot as the third worst road in the UK.

Other Dangerous Roads

The Book Theory Test Today blogger says: “Back in England, a further three roads make the notoriety list, including:

  • A 9.7-mile stretch of the A18 between Laceby and Ludborough, Lincolnshire
  • A 5.6-mile part of the A6 in Lancaster
  • A 6.4 mile section of the A61 in Wakefield, West Yorkshire

Each of these roads witnesses a higher rate of accidents compared with the national average, according to the RSF report.”

It’s not all Doom & Gloom

The Book Theory Test Today blogger says: “To those of you who drive on the above named roads, I’m sorry that I may have terrified you. However, it’s for your own good, but allow me to lighten the mood. The RSF report did reveal that local councils who implemented cost efficient safety strategies, alongside general road maintenance, were able to reduce fatal and serious accidents by up to 80 per cent across 15 stretches of roads.”

What’s even more fantastic about this reduction is that it saved the UK economy an estimated £400 million. The report also uncovered that serious and fatal collisions on Britain’s motorways had declined by 20 per cent.

Other Notable Information from the Report

Other figures compiled in the report, titled ‘How Safe Are You on Britain’s Roads?,’ revealed that although motorcyclists only make up 1 per cent of the driving population, 21 per cent are involved in fatal accidents.

The report also identified that you’re seven times more likely to have an accident on a single-carriage A road than on a motorway.

In a statement from RSF chairman, Lord Whitty, he said: “We can no longer accept sudden, violent road death as such a significant cause of premature loss of life. The Government must design, plan and legislate to put safety on roads on the same footing as safety in the air, sea or on rail.”

The Complete Top 10 List

  1. A285 between Chichester and Petworth. 
  2. A809 Glasgow to A811 .
  3. A397 Montrsoe to A90 (Laurencekirk). 
  4. A18 Laceby to Ludborough. 
  5. A6 M6 J33 to Lancaster. 
  6. A61 Wakefield to M1, J44. 
  7. A36 A3090 to Totton. 
  8. A589 full route around Lancaster. 
  9. A643 Brighthouse to Morley. 
  10. A4300 full route through Kettering. 

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