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Book Theory Test Today – Bradford Worst In Britain For Banned Drivers Reveals DVSA

Bradford Worst In Britain For Banned

Book Theory Test Today investigates how Bradford has earned the reputation of having Britain’s worst drivers.

It all seems so simple, pass the theory test, pass the practical driving exam and never worry about being off the road or having to rely on public transport again. Not so in Bradford! The city has officially been named as having the worst drivers in the UK following the release of DVSA figures highlighting the number of people losing their licence due to road misdemeanours.

According to DVSA statistics, the district has a higher proportion of people banned from getting behind the wheel of a vehicle than anywhere else in the country. Of those banned in Bradford, nearly 30% are ordered to re-take a theory test and practical driving exam or attend a driver training course.

Book Theory Test Today says: “What’s frightening is that those getting banned are not just full licence holders, it’s learner motorists too, racking up points on their licence before they have even passed a theory test and practical driving exam.”

So concerning are the new figures, released under the Freedom of Information Act, that a city MP has vowed to address the issue at an upcoming summit meeting assessing driver behaviour.

Book Theory Test Today says: “At the time the information was obtained 1,084 people in Bradford had been disqualified from driving, from a driver population of 166,171. That equates to a disqualification rate of 0.65%, which is nearly four times the rate for Cheltenham, the UK’s best performer, with just 0.17% of its drivers banned from driving.”

Furthermore, Bradford is way ahead of the country’s second worst city, Birmingham, which comes in at 0.58%. The city is also the only Yorkshire location to appear in the top ten.

In a statement from Bradford East Liberal Democrat MP, David Ward, he said: “We’ve been working on the problem surrounding driver behaviour for a number of years, trying to identify where such bad habits come from. We’ve questioned whether the theory test is challenging enough and discussed if the practical driving exam does enough to educate motorists.”

He added: “We’re also trying to tackle uninsured drivers and the great news is the police appear to have a handle on this and are taking appropriate action. It’s obviously very concerning that we rank number one for the most banned drivers and we’re looking into how deep this problem goes, starting with learner drivers who haven’t even passed a theory test or driving exam yet, but are still getting disqualified.”

In a statement from James McLoughlin, a spokesperson for road safety charity Brake, he said: “It’s frightening that many motorists are ignoring the rules of the road. What’s more concerning is that it’s becoming more frequent among learner drivers who don’t even have a theory test certificate to their name yet.”

He added: “With an average of five people killed and 63 seriously injured on Britain’s roads every day, there’s absolutely no excuse to disobey traffic laws. They’re not there for guidance they are in place to safeguard lives.”

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