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Learner drivers in Huddersfield some of UK’s most dangerous

Book Theory Test Today looks at how learner drivers in Huddersfield have earned themselves the reputation as some of the most dangerous in the UK.

Book Theory Test Today says: “If you’re driving around Huddersfield anytime soon, you might want to avoid the town’s learner drivers. Why? Well, one in five of them are likely to commit a dangerous fault when taking their driving test.”

Learner drivers in Huddersfield and the dangerous fault

It’s the most severe mark you can receive on your driving test, resulting in an automatic fail. According to the contents of a Freedom of Information request, 1,426 dangerous faults occurred among learner drivers in Huddersfield last year. Official figures reveal that 7,312 driving tests began at the Waverley Road test centre in Huddersfield last year.

Presuming that one dangerous fault is committed per test by learner drivers in Huddersfield, we can conclude that 19.5 per cent of them were marked with a dangerous fault. This is the equivalent of one dangerous fault for every five tests taken and is one of the highest rates in the UK.

Errors considered dangerous faults include: failure to observe correctly at junctions, unsafe steering, failure to use mirrors when changing direction or a combination of all three of these. After all, it’s possible to commit more than one dangerous fault on a driving test.

Learner drivers in Huddersfield worst in Yorkshire

Unfortunately for learner drivers in Huddersfield, their record for dangerous faults on the driving test is the highest in the Yorkshire area.

In Bradford, exam invigilators recorded 1,337 dangerous faults at the Heaton test centre, representing 15.8% of all tests.

Heckmondwike in West Yorkshire, which two years ago was named the town with the worst pass rate for learner drivers in the country, recorded a rate of one in nine drivers committing a dangerous fault during their driving test.

Compared with learner drivers in Huddersfield, fewer than one in ten learner motorists in Halifax committed a dangerous fault.

Driving instructor in Huddersfield, Pete Tiernan, said: “I’m not at all surprised that learner drivers in Huddersfield are committing more dangerous faults. The town has difficult roads and every test route includes steep hills.”

He added: “However, what is perceived as dangerous during the testing process would be seen as minor by an experienced motorist. For instance, stalling at a roundabout.”

Mr Tiernan also said that ‘instructors in Huddersfield are only human and they might consider something a dangerous fault, whereas in another part of the country that same fault might not be considered major at all.’

Calling all learner drivers in Huddersfield

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