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Every so often, data is published detailing the pass rates of driving test centres around the UK. Is it true that you have a better chance to pass the UK driving test based on your location? Book Theory Test Today investigates.

Book Theory Test Today says: “Well the good folks over at the BBC think that the probability of passing the UK driving test is higher if you live in certain areas of the country. How do they know? Well they sent driving expert, Sandra Macdonald-Ames – from the broadcaster’s documentary ‘So You Think You Can Drive’ – to investigate.”

Asked if there are easier and harder places to pass the UK driving test, Sandra said: “There are definitely differences in the pass rates across the country and learners are more likely to succeed in passing if they live in a rural location.”

Cities harder places to pass the UK driving test

It’s not a revelation, but taking your DVSA practical test in the city reduces your chances of pass success and we have a theory on that at Book Theory Test Today.

It’s because there’s more to deal with on city roads compared with rural highways. More cars, more pedestrians, more signs and just more hazards in general are just some of the things city learners have to contend with.

Where’s the best place to pass the UK driving test?

Scotland’s a safe bet with the Isle of Mull, located just off the country’s west coast, boasting an 88 percent pass rate. Other pass hotspots include Barra, Brodick and Kendal.

Where’s the worst place to take the UK driving test? 

Basically, a city is the worst place to attempt to pass the UK driving test, but in particular you should avoid London.

Driving test centres in Belvedere, Barking, Wanstead, Wood Green and Enfield all make the ‘top ten list’ for poor pass rates with numbers reaching between 32 and 36 percent. South Yardley in Birmingham also has reputation for disappointing pass rates.

What does the DVSA have to say about it all?

It’s the same for everyone says the DVSA, meaning the test criteria is the same. However, it cannot be equal otherwise the difference in pass rate percentages would not be so extreme.

The DVSA says that their instructors are ‘assessed regularly’ to make sure that the test is consistent across the UK, but their comments are not really that surprising.

The Book Theory Test Today blogger says: “The truth is, if I had to take my driving test second time around, I would soon be heading off to Scotland – holiday and a better chance to pass the UK driving test – it’s a no-brainer really!

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