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Jul 17

New Driving Test Won't Make Britain's Roads Safer, say Motorists

Ever since the announcement of a new driving test in the UK, there has been a lot of debate over what difference it will make to road safety. The new look practical exam will be launched in December 2017, but the country’s motorists don’t think it will have any impact on improving road safety. Lets […]

May 17

UK Driving Theory Test Should Include Questions About Horses

No, we’re not horsing around… In one of the more bizarre motoring stories of the week, safety campaigners have insisted that learner drivers should be forced to prove that they ‘respect’ horses on the road before being handed a full UK driving licence. Here’s why the UK driving theory test could change as result…

May 17

Young Drivers Facing Road Ready Jitters

Young drivers are facing ‘road ready jitters’… despite passing their theory test and practical driving exam. What’s worrying Britain’s young motorists?

Apr 17

New look UK driving test announced for 4 December 2017

With a new UK driving test confirmed from 4 December, 2017, Book Theory Test Today looks at what has changed on the new test and what those changes mean for learner drivers…

Jun 15

Peter Kay and the Driving Test

Peter Kay and the driving test: Following the success of TV comedy, Car Share, Peter Kay reveals all about his struggles with the UK driving test.

Jun 15

Top 10 Embarrassing Learner Driver Moments – Part One

The long history of the UK driving test has yielded many embarrassing learner driver moments. In part one of this two part series, Book Theory Test Today reveals the top five embarrassing learner driver moments… Can you relate?

Jun 15

Discover the Easiest and Hardest Places to Pass the UK Driving Test

Every so often, data is published detailing the pass rates of driving test centres around the UK. Is it true that you have a better chance to pass the UK driving test based on your location? Book Theory Test Today investigates.

Jun 15

UK Driving Test Celebrates 80th Birthday

It’s been around almost as long as Queen Elizabeth II, and will probably out live her. Book Theory Test Today looks at the past, present and future of the UK driving test as it celebrates its 80th birthday.

May 15

Teenager first to pass the UK driving test with satnav

Back in February, Book Theory Test Today posted about satnavs being introduced to the practical driving test. Three months on, a teenage learner driver has become the first to pass the UK driving test using satellite navigation.


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