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Peter Kay and the Driving Test

Peter Kay and the driving test: Following the success of TV comedy, Car Share, Peter Kay reveals all about his struggles with the UK driving test.

The Book Theory Test Today blogger says: “I was a massive fan of Car Share, even though I’m not an admirer of Peter Kay. The programme caught me by surprise and was really very funny and you would never have known that Peter Kay and the driving test were not the best of friends.”

In the aftermath of the show, the comedian confessed to his problems with the driving test, revealing that it took him a total of 176 driving lessons and six years to pass.

Peter Kay and the driving test problem

Despite showing great driving skills on Car Share, in which Kay plays a supermarket manager named John Redmond and drove a company motor as part of a car sharing scheme with his colleague Kayleigh Kitson, played by Sian Gibson, Peter Kay and the driving test did not see eye-to-eye in real life.

Talking about his driving experiences, the comedian said: “I can drive, but it took me five times to pass. I was not very good at driving. It would not click. It took me six years, 176 lessons. I started when I was 16 in 1990 and passed in 1996. Best thing I ever did – but you have to persevere.”

He added: “I had five instructors. One, a guy called Barry, used to get his pipe out and do some shag and talk to me. I remember him saying he would bring me photos from Bulgaria. Another one called Mandy had a club foot. I don’t know how she did it, but she did.”

Peter Kay and the driving test were not the best of friends because on the four occasions that he didn’t pass he’d found that the test was more difficult than he anticipated. Then it got harder for him to pass because the theory test was introduced while he was still learning.

Kay said: “I just don’t think I was ready when I was younger. It cost a fortune. I did it that long they brought out the theory test. That was hard. People were like ‘Why don’t you just give up?’ People ran out of references when I kept failing my test.”

Car Share

The Book Theory Test Today blogger says: “Car share was a phenomenon, with around 6 million viewers tuning in each and every week, but there was one person who just couldn’t tune into the programme, Peter Kay’s mum.”

Kay said: “My mum just couldn’t watch the show; she couldn’t enjoy it because I wasn’t watching the road she said.”

Insiders at the BBC say the show could get a second series, plus a Christmas special. The broadcaster said: “We definitely want the series to continue and are just working on the details with Peter and are hopeful it will happen. It was such a hit a second series would be a no brainer for the BBC.”

The Book Theory Test Today blogger says: “The thing about Peter Kay and the driving test is that he persevered, even when others told him to give up. That’s the attitude you need to have. You can do it.”

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