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Driver Busted Scoffing Breakfast Behind the Wheel

Over the last few weeks we’ve seen some outrageous incidents taking place on roads in the UK and worldwide. This week is no different, as an eagle-eyed cyclist spots a female driver eating her bowl of cereal behind the wheel. What the heck?

Book Theory Test Today says: “We thought we’d seen everything when it comes to the insane things drivers will do behind the wheel of a car, but we were wrong.”

Driving around in her pointless Land Rover Discovery, a middle aged woman was recently caught eating cereal behind the wheel during the morning rush hour, while driving through Hampton Court, south-west London.

Surely you mean a cereal bar, so why the big overreaction Book Theory Test Today? Well, you would think cereal bar, but actually the woman was sat with a bowl and spoon in one hand, while operating the steering wheel with the other.

Breakfast behind the wheel

The breakfast munching motorist was spotted by cycling instructor, David Williams, who caught a glimpse of the driver eating behind the wheel as he was cycling in the opposite direction on Creek Road. He circled back round, pulling up at the front passenger window to challenge the woman’s behaviour, capturing the footage on his helmet camera.

Her response? She simply shrugged and continued on with her journey like eating a bowl of cereal behind the wheel is completely normal.


Commenting on the incident, Mr Williams said: “She looked like a normal, everyday mum on the school run. Then I watched her start to put spoonfuls of cereal in her mouth holding the wheel with one hand.”

“I prompted her to put the bowl down, it was quite ridiculous. I think maybe it was porridge or muesli. She just shrugged her shoulders. The fact the car was moving makes it completely unacceptable. She was coming up to a junction and there was a lot going on around her and the view in front of her wasn’t great. It was dangerous.”

Surrey police

Having captured the incident on camera, Mr Williams has handed his video footage to Surrey police who are now analysing the video to identify the driver.

Mr Williams said: “I care greatly about road safety and to think that she can get behind the wheel of a vehicle that size and eat her breakfast from a bowl is frightening. When you see something that idiotic and the potential danger she’s putting other motorists in, it has to be exposed.”

He added: “If she does have children, I hope she wasn’t doing that on the way to school because it’s completely irresponsible.”

Social media

Having uploaded the video on social media hundreds of people have expressed their outrage at the actions of the woman behind the wheel. One said: “Completely insane what some people will do when behind the wheel. However, she’s in that big car so she’ll be totally fine in an accident.”

A spokesperson for Surrey police confirmed that the incident is being investigated by officers.

Want to see the video? Click here

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