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Learner Driver Hit by Cyclist

Book Theory Test Today invites you to watch the moment a cyclist careens into the parked vehicle of a learner driver.

Yes, you read the headline correctly – a learner driver was hit by a cyclist, not vice-versa. It was 23-year-old Edward Barlow’s first ever driving lesson, which was rudely interrupted by a cyclist not paying attention, resulting in a full on crash with the back of Edward’s parked vehicle.

How’s the cyclist?  

The cyclist escaped with only minor injuries as the video, filmed by an in-car camera, shows the cyclist with his head down and approaching the rear of the car rapidly. He doesn’t even look up before smacking the rear window and hitting the deck.

The cyclist was clearly stunned as it took him a few seconds to stagger to his feet, before Edward’s instructor got out to check that the man was ok.

How’s the learner driver?

Edward’s fine and found the whole incident rather amusing. As the incident was caught on video, it wasn’t long before he’d uploaded it onto social media.

Since posting the video on Facebook and teaming up with Viralhog, it has had close to 3 million hits, with tens of thousands occurring via Viralhog’s YouTube channel.

Edward said “I posted the video to show my friends, and within a day it had 30,000 views. I was waiting for it to tail off then I woke up next morning and it had 500,000 views.”

Edward’s perspective

Speaking on the incident Edward, from York, said “I was just sat there chatting to my instructor about how the lesson was going and minding my own business. As far as I’m aware the cyclist was concentrating on the road. He was okay – he had a bit of a cut lip but he cycled away afterwards.”

The driving instructor’s perspective

The driving instructor said: “Edward was on his first lesson, and we parked up to discuss his progress. We then heard the crash as the cyclist rode into us. I got out to check if he was ok and if there was any damage. The car didn’t appear to be damaged, but I noticed later a dent on the car which I had not seen.”

“I was distracted by the cyclist whose face was pouring with blood – you can see on the full video. I advised him to sit down but he said he lived nearby and would cycle home.”

Book Theory Test Today’s perspective

Book Theory Test Today says: “Motorists and cyclists are not the best of friends, but it’s usually motorists that are hitting the cyclists. It’s not unheard of for cyclists to strike vehicles, but in this case the fault is completely with the cyclist. I don’t think he will be taking his eyes off the road anytime soon.”

Edward said that the incident will not deter him from learning to drive, but did say that his next lesson will have a lot to live up to.

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