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Oct 13

What to do if you’re involved in a road traffic accident – a Book Theory Test Today guide

Drivers aged 18-24 account for a high proportion of the UK’s road traffic accidents, if you’re unfortunate enough to be involved in a road collision; this practical guide offers key tips on the action you should take in the aftermath of an accident.

Oct 13

Police Issue Fresh Warning Over Unlicensed Driving Instructors

Police across Britain have issued a fresh warning to learner drivers to remain vigilant when it comes to hiring a driving instructor. The police have called for learner drivers to check the instructor that they have hired is properly qualified after a number of routine roadside checks found that a number of driving instructors were […]

Oct 13

Four Million UK Driving Licence Holders are Over 70

In a study conducted by the RAC foundation they have revealed that the number of people over 70 holding a UK driving licence has passed the four million mark for the first time ever.

Oct 13

UK Motorists Pay Out £30 Million on Parking Fines Every Month Figures Find

New data has revealed that UK motorists are forking out £30 million monthly. Research shows that close to 900,000 tickets have been issued every month this year so far, representing a four per cent increase on figures released last year. The average fine is £42.

Oct 13

New Super-Camera Targeting Driving Offences To Be Introduced Across Britain

Brand new traffic cameras will be introduced across the UK targeting minor motoring offences it has been announced.

Oct 13

Next Steps After Passing Your Driving Test – A Practical Guide

Passing your driving test is a joyous occasion and a life changing moment as it delivers a new level of independence. However, passing your driving test is only the beginning. Becoming a responsible and safe driver presents a new challenge.

Oct 13

Parents of Young Drivers Admit Accident Fears When Children Pass Test

The stigma of young people and driving accidents is one that has existed for decades and, unless better educated and prepared for life on Britain’s roads, accident rates among young drivers on the nation’s roads will continue to rise. That’s the view of parents responding to a recent poll.

Oct 13

Drunk Driver Wearing Female Police Uniform Jailed

A drunk driver, who was five times the legal limit and found slumped at the wheel of his car wearing a female police officer’s uniform, has been jailed.

Oct 13

Crown Prosecution Services Publishes New Driving Offences Fact Sheet

The Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) has published a new driving offences fact sheet in order to clarify what constitutes ‘dangerous driving’ and ‘careless driving’. The two categories apply to driving incidents that involve deaths and outline how the CPS system determines whether those responsible are guilty of ‘dangerous driving’ or ‘careless driving’.

Oct 13

Book Theory Test Today | Top Tips For Young Drivers To Avoid Road Traffic Accidents

Young drivers aged 17-24 are more likely to die or suffer serious injury in a road traffic accident than any other age group. In a statement from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration they said: “Young drivers are especially vulnerable to death and injury on our roadways. Traffic crashes are the leading cause of death […]

Oct 13

Online Video Confessional Leads to Drink-Driver Being Charged

A drink-driver in the US, who killed a US Navy Veteran, will be charged after his online video confessional led to his arrest.

Oct 13

Nissan To Launch Nifty New Gadget For Drivers

Nissan will officially become the first car manufacturer to launch a ‘smartwatch’ specifically designed for use by drivers.


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