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Sep 20

UK Driving Test Booking Services Closed by DVSA

We’ve received news that the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) has closed its driving test booking services until Monday, 7 September. According to the website, there are currently no more driving test appointments available. Here’s what we know… Driving test booking services were reopened on 1 September. However, it was soon taken offline […]

Apr 19

Motorway Driving Test Wanted by Brits

More than 50 percent of Brits want motorway driving added to the UK practical driving test. Changes to DVSA rules mean that learner drivers can now practice motorway driving as part of their lessons, but Brits want a motorway driving test to further improve road safety among new drivers. A survey of UK residents indicates […]

Jun 17

Driving theory test could be ‘dead’ in 15 years

A leading car insurance company predicts that the driving theory test and practical exam could be scrapped within 15 years. Why? Driverless cars, which look set to revolutionise the way people travel.

Jan 16

Theory test certificates expiring as driving test waiting times increase

Passed your DVSA practical driving test yet? No? Better check when your theory test certificate expires.

Dec 15

5 dream driving jobs you could get by passing a theory test & practical exam

Passing a theory test and DVSA practical exam could open doors to a dream driving job. Discover 5 driving careers you’ve never thought about until now.

Dec 15

Book Theory Test Today guide to HGV theory test and bus theory exam

Book Theory Test Today answers commonly asked questions about the HGV theory test and the bus theory exam.

Dec 15

Is it true that new drivers with 6 licence points have to retake a theory test?

Is it an urban myth that new drivers with 6 penalty points or more on their driving licence have to retake a theory test? Book Theory Test Today gives you the facts.

Dec 15

Gillingham driving test centre closed but not because of strikes

Gillingham driving test centre was forced to close on 24 November 2015 after Legionnaire’s disease was discovered in the facility’s water.

Dec 15

Cancelled driving test frustration for Shropshire learner drivers

Learner drivers in Shropshire suffer cancelled driving test frustration due to recent driving examiner strikes.

Dec 15

More driving test cancellations due to December strike action

Information on further driving test cancellations due to upcoming driving examiner strikes…


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