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Jan 16

Theory test certificates expiring as driving test waiting times increase

Passed your DVSA practical driving test yet? No? Better check when your theory test certificate expires.

Nov 15

That’s how to pass a driving test

Meet Lee Cunningham, the learner driver who achieved a perfect pass on his DVSA practical test. Now that’s how to pass a driving test!

Sep 15

What is the cockpit drill? Part three

In part two, we covered the steering element of the cockpit drill routine. In part three, Book Theory Test Today guides you through the all-important seat belt checks.

Sep 15

Exposed | Driving test centres DO have quotas to meet

Whistleblower confirms what learner drivers have long suspected. Driving test centres do have ‘pass and fail targets.’

Aug 15

10 steps to overtaking a vehicle

Are learner drivers allowed to overtake another vehicle? Yes! Book Theory Test Today gives you the 10 actions you must take when overtaking a vehicle…

Aug 15

Learner driver in Norfolk? You face a lengthy wait for a driving test

It appears that having to wait for a driving test in the UK is spreading. First Cambridge, now Norfolk. If you’re a learner driver in Norfolk, we’re sorry to tell you that you could be waiting up to 16 weeks for a test.

Aug 15

400 learner drivers crashed cars during driving test in 2014

Failing your driving test is one thing, but an astonishing 400 learner drivers crashed cars during their driving test last year, according to new figures published by the DVSA.

Jul 15

Learner drivers saving money by ditching driving instructors

A new survey says that learner drivers are saving money by shunning driving instructors. Book Theory Test Today investigates…

Jul 15

Learner drivers in Huddersfield some of UK’s most dangerous

Book Theory Test Today looks at how learner drivers in Huddersfield have earned themselves the reputation as some of the most dangerous in the UK.

Jul 15

Learner driver in Cambridge? You face frustrating four-month test wait

If you’re a learner driver in Cambridge looking to take your DVSA practical driving test anytime soon, you face a lengthy wait.


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