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10 steps to overtaking a vehicle

Are learner drivers allowed to overtake another vehicle? Yes! Book Theory Test Today gives you the 10 actions you must take when overtaking a vehicle…

When overtaking a vehicle, you should consider the following…

A) Is it legal to overtake? This can be determined by looking for no overtaking signs or a continuous/solid white line on the road. If you see these, it’s illegal to overtake.

B) Is it safe to overtake? If you’re on a bend, see a dip in the road or you’re climbing a hill, all these will obstruct your view of oncoming traffic. Therefore, it’s recommended that you don’t try overtaking a vehicle in these circumstances.

C) Is it necessary to overtake? Assess the situation ahead of you. If you’re approaching a queue of traffic, for instance, don’t bother overtaking as it’s pretty pointless.

Book Theory Test Today says: “You tend to see more learner drivers getting overtaken than doing the overtaking, but learners are allowed to overtake. You don’t see it often on single carriageways, but more so on dual carriageways.

Those confident enough to overtake are usually further on their driving journey. If you’re an overtaking ‘virgin’, here are 10 actions you should take when overtaking a vehicle.”

10 things to do when overtaking a vehicle

If you’re about to take your DVSA practical driving test and you’re wondering what you should do if you have to perform an overtaking manoeuvre, here’s what you need to know…

  1. Check mirrors – First the rear view mirror and then your wing mirrors. Make sure there’s not a vehicle overtaking you and remember, glance over your shoulder to check your blind spot!
  2. Position yourself accordingly – Make sure that you’re just left of the centre line and don’t get too close to the vehicle you’re looking to overtake. Remember, you’re view of the road is what matters.
  3. Get the right speed – Make sure that your speed is equal to the car you want to overtake. To increase acceleration, change down a gear.
  4. Be sure to look – Seems obvious, but make sure you’re constantly assessing the road ahead when overtaking a vehicle. Dips, bends, hills and oncoming vehicles can appear out of nowhere, so always be on the lookout for potential hazards.
  5. Back to your mirrors – You’ve checked once, you’re in position, your speed is good and you’ve looked ahead. Do one final check of the mirrors to ensure there’s nothing trying to pass you.
  6. Switch on your indicator – Always indicate your intentions to other drivers.
  7. Perform the manoeuvre – Move out onto the opposite side of the road as smoothly as you can and then increase your acceleration and pass the vehicle while maintaining a safe distance.
  8. Check speed – It’s crucial to accelerate swiftly, but make sure you do it safely and without exceeding the speed limit.
  9. Mirrors again – Once you’ve passed the vehicle you’re overtaking, check your rear view mirror plus your left wing mirror. Once you can see the bonnet [of a car] or front wheel [of a motorcycle] in your rear view mirror then it’s safe to pull back into the left lane.
  10. Look again – If you’re unsure of where the vehicle you’ve overtaken is, glance over your left shoulder to check the blind spot.

Well done, you’ve successfully completed overtaking a vehicle…

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