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Learner driver tragedy: Suspended learner kills daughter & injures son

Book Theory Test Today cannot emphasise enough how much the ‘it will never happen to me’ attitude makes a motorist reckless. This is the story of one learner driver tragedy…

The fact is people don’t like to be told what to do when it comes to driving. Don’t use your mobile phone behind the wheel; don’t smoke with your children in the car, etc… As a consequence, many people will ‘chance’ breaking the law thinking ‘it will never happen to me, I won’t get caught.’

True, you might not. However, many drivers – and we’re not just talking experienced motorists here, this applies to learners too – are learning the hard way that a complete disregard for the rules can result in tragedy. For one learner driver tragedy struck when she decided to get behind the wheel of a car despite her licence being suspended.

Learner driver tragedy

Book Theory Test Today says: “We may not agree with them, but road rules are in place for a reason and as such, they have to be abided by. Why? How many times do you pick up a newspaper or read online about drunk drivers or those with suspended driving licences killing or seriously injuring people on the road?”

This learner driver tragedy involves the latter. Mum of two, Tori Shipman, crashed her car on the New England Highway killing her two-year-old daughter and seriously injuring her 11-month-old son, all while driving on a suspended provisional licence.

What’s heartbreaking about this learner driver tragedy is that a moment of madness, that voice inside Tori’s head that said ‘go on it will be OK, what’s the worst that can happen?’ has cost her dearly.

Tori herself suffered only minor physical injuries, but the gravity of what’s happened will live with her for the rest of her life. The impact of her actions will never subside because she faces prosecution, potentially leaving her son motherless and leaving her with a criminal record.

Book Theory Test today says: “There are thousands of incidents like this every year, but this particular learner driver tragedy is poignant because it shows the long-term impact of making the wrong decision. At just 20 years of age, Tori has got to live with killing her daughter, seriously injuring her son and living with a criminal record.”

It was revealed by police that Tori’s licence had been suspended a few months prior to the accident taking place. Therefore, she could have been driving illegally for a while.

Book Theory Test Today says: “What’s sad is that this learner driver tragedy could have been avoided if Tori had simply accepted she was not qualified to drive and unfortunately for her, she is one of many that has had to learn that flouting the rules can have severe ramifications.

If you want to drive on Britain’s roads, do it the right way. You might be able to avoid getting caught by the law, but you could be just one wrong decision away from a terrible tragedy. Heed the warning.

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