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Sep 18

Is there a Pass Plus Theory Test?

You’ve passed your driving theory test and you’ve passed your practical driving exam, but you would like to increase your confidence as a motorist! Many new drivers opt for Pass Plus, but is there a Pass Plus theory test you have to take as part of your advanced training? The good news is, you don’t […]

Apr 18

Car Theory Test Booking

Driving test booking doesn't need to be a task which takes up time in your day, by using our online theory and practical driving test booking here at Book Theory Test Today, you needn’t stress about the process, we know everything there is to know about booking, checking, cancelling and re-taking tests, so if you need […]

Feb 18

How to Fail a Driving Test in 5 Seconds A True Story

It’s impossible to fail a driving test after 5 seconds, right? That’s barely enough time to turn the key in the ignition. Try telling that to 33-year-old Craig Barraza of King’s Lynn, Norfolk. If failing the driving test after 5 seconds wasn’t enough, Craig then went and did this… After failing the UK driving test […]

Jul 17

New Driving Test Won't Make Britain's Roads Safer, say Motorists

Ever since the announcement of a new driving test in the UK, there has been a lot of debate over what difference it will make to road safety. The new look practical exam will be launched in December 2017, but the country’s motorists don’t think it will have any impact on improving road safety. Lets […]

Jun 17

UK Driving Theory Test Doesn’t Prepare Country’s Learners for Motorway Life

The UK driving theory test and practical exam have been in the headlines recently following the announcement of a ‘makeover’. However, many of Britain’s learner drivers don’t think the theory test or practical exam do enough to prepare them, especially for motorway driving. Let’s find out why…

May 17

Andover Driving Theory Test Centre to Open Full Time

Do you live in the Hampshire town of Andover? Are you a learner driver looking to take your theory test? Andover driving theory test centre looks set to be converted into a full-time facility, which is great news for local learner drivers.  

May 17

Young Drivers Facing Road Ready Jitters

Young drivers are facing ‘road ready jitters’… despite passing their theory test and practical driving exam. What’s worrying Britain’s young motorists?

Apr 17

New UK Speeding Fines Could Cost 175% of Your Weekly Income

Alas… Speeding fines across England and Wales increased on April 24th (2017). Why? More and more British drivers are getting caught speeding, including learner motorists! So beware, getting slapped with any of the new UK speeding fines WILL cost you dearly, if you’re caught getting over-enthusiastic with the accelerator.

Apr 17

New look UK driving test announced for 4 December 2017

With a new UK driving test confirmed from 4 December, 2017, Book Theory Test Today looks at what has changed on the new test and what those changes mean for learner drivers…

Apr 17

The Idiot’s Guide to the Driving Theory Test

There’s no ‘magic’ formula for passing the driving theory test, but there are ways to guarantee that you will fail. Our idiot’s guide to the driving theory test is packed with practical tips to help you avoid becoming another government ‘theory test failure’ statistic.


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