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The Idiot’s Guide to the Driving Theory Test

There’s no ‘magic’ formula for passing the driving theory test, but there are ways to guarantee that you will fail. Our idiot’s guide to the driving theory test is packed with practical tips to help you avoid becoming another government ‘theory test failure’ statistic.

Tip #1 – Don’t Cheat!

Cases of cheating are on the rise. There are some learner drivers who will do ANYTHING to pass their theory test, especially if they have already failed it a couple of times. As technology has advanced – i.e. the emergence of smartphones and Bluetooth devices – the temptation to use those technologies to cheat has become rife.

Candidates have even resorted to bribing DVSA officials or paying someone else to impersonate them and take the theory test on their behalf. Failing your driving theory exam is frustrating, but it’s better to suffer the cost of having to retake your test than having to face jail time and the possibility of never getting your licence.

Tip #2 – Don’t Wing It!

Thinking you can just turn up at the test centre and breeze through the driving theory test is foolish. It’s designed to assess your understanding of safe driving, which is why the DVSA stopped publishing theory test questions in 2012 to prevent candidates from learning the answers and passing the exam without any real knowledge of road safety.

Practice makes perfect, so make sure that you revise and tackle as many questions as you can. Ask a friend or relative to quiz you so you’re as prepared as you possibly can be when test day comes.

Tip #3 – Do Get a Good Night’s Sleep

Probably the most important tip of the entire idiot’s guide to the driving theory test. We can’t tell you how many times we’ve scrolled through social media feeds seeing the word ‘hangover’ or ‘tired’ just hours before someone is about to take the theory exam.

The test is serious stuff, and if you’re to have any hope of passing, you need to be fully focused. It will certainly be no fun rocking up for your theory test nursing a hangover or feeling tired because you stayed up until 5am! Be sensible, there will time to celebrate afterwards.

Tip #4 – Ask for help

A common cause of theory test failure is a lack of understanding on a particular topic – i.e. road signs or speed limits. Don’t fall into the trap of guessing answers! If you’re really struggling, seek help from your driving instructor or someone that you trust, to help you improve your knowledge.

If you want to fail, doing the opposite of everything we’ve pointed out in our idiot’s guide to the driving theory test is the best way to keep handing money to the DVSA, which loves to profit from your failure!

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