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New Driving Test Won't Make Britain's Roads Safer, say Motorists

Ever since the announcement of a new driving test in the UK, there has been a lot of debate over what difference it will make to road safety. The new look practical exam will be launched in December 2017, but the country’s motorists don’t think it will have any impact on improving road safety. Lets find out why

What Will the New Driving Test Look Like?

The new look practical exam will feature four new elements offering real life scenarios. From 4 December 2017, the UK driving test will require candidates to follow instructions from a Sat Nav and drive independently for 20 minutes ï the current test requires 10 minutes of independent driving.  A refresh of driving test manoeuvres will see parallel parking take precedence over the reverse around a corner to better reflect the demands of modern day driving. The changes to the test have been described as the most significant shakeup of the practical exam since the driving theory test was introduced in 1996.

What is the Purpose of Changing the Driving Test?

The Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) argues that the new measures, announced in April 2017, would help save lives by improving driving standards.

Why do UK Motorists Disagree?

80% percent of Britains motorists think that the new driving test fails to address road etiquette. A survey of 2,000 drivers, carried out by insurance comparison moguls, found that 33% of drivers don�t think that the changes will boost road safety. 73% said that a motorway section needs to be added to the driving test, while 66% think that learner drivers should be taking to the roads at night. Meanwhile, 80% of those surveyed said road etiquette is lacking as part of the new test, which should be introduced to help reduce middle lane hogging, tailgating and vehicles cutting in at the last moment. Amanda Stretton, motoring editor for, said: �To make roads safer, drivers believe more practical changes should have been included in the new updates. To help improve the quality of driving, there is a valid argument that new drivers should be taught general road etiquette and how to treat fellow drivers.� �This could help to minimise stress levels, road rage and the risk of accidents,� she added. It is hoped that the DVSA will take on board the results of the survey. The government agency has stated that its aim is to �reduce the focus on slow speed manoeuvres on quiet roads.� It explained that the new driving test would enable examiners to better assess the ability of learner drivers to drive safely in busy areas, where new motorists tend to have the most crashes.

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