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10 ‘Need-to-Know’ Tips for Young, New or Inexperienced Drivers – Part Two

Book Theory Test Today provides 5 more essential tips for young, new or inexperienced drivers about to hit Britain’s roads as an independent motorist. In part two: blind spots, bad weather, motorway driving, mobile phones and mates. Strap yourselves in!!!

The Book Theory Test Today blogger says: “In part one we provided those of you, who are new drivers, with some valuable information that will help you to survive your first 12 months of motoring proper. Did you think we’d finished? No, no, no.”

Why Road Safety Matters to Book Theory Test Today

Here at Book Theory Test Today, safe driving matters to us because it saddens us that so many new, young or inexperienced drivers are involved in fatal accidents every year on Britain’s roads. We believe prevention is the cure for bad driving habits, so if catching you early with blogs like this saves your life we’re happy.

More Tips

So, here’s a further five tips from Book Theory Test Today, just for you young, new, inexperienced motorists. Learn and stay safe…

Avoid driving in another driver’s blind spot

The Book Theory Test Today blogger says: “Yes, we’re starting part two as we ended part one, talking about blind spots. Can there really be more to be said?”

Just because you’re clever enough to check your blind spot doesn’t mean every other road user is as savvy. You can only worry about your driving so, to stay out of trouble, you can take one of two actions when overtaking. You can accelerate and get up alongside the vehicle you’re overtaking or you can drop back until you’re seen.

Each of the above gives the person you’re overtaking the opportunity to see you, allowing you to pass safely.

Learn what the left hand lane of the motorway is for

Do you know what it’s for? Maybe not, as a newbie driver your experience of motorways has been confined to theory test revision and your driving instructor talking about them.

Well, let Book Theory Test Today tell you. The left hand lane of a motorway is for ‘normal’ driving. The other two lanes are for overtaking. Don’t believe us? Check your Highway Code, rule 238: “You should drive in the left-hand lane if the road ahead is clear. Return to the left-hand lane once you have overtaken all the vehicles or if you are delaying traffic behind you.”

Immediately drive in bad weather

We know what you’re thinking, Book Theory Test Today you’re crazy. Actually, there’s method in our madness. The only way you can cope with driving in heavy rain, snow or icy conditions is by doing it. It’s like swimming, you can’t learn to swim on the floor, and neither can you learn to drive in snow by playing Gran Turismo.

Trust us, you’ll become more confident having done it, and you will get an idea of why those braking distances, you studied during theory test revision, are so vital.

Ditch the phone

We hate to say it, and it may be a bit stereotypical, but new, young drivers are the worst for using mobile phones at the wheel. Get out of the habit. If it’s a real problem for you to be without you phone, best leave it at home when driving. You can’t be tempted when the temptation is not there.

Mobile phone use at the wheel is a major problem on Britain’s highways at present, a problem the police are trying to subdue. The consequences of mobile phone use at the wheel can be fatal.

Distraction can lead to the destruction of a driver. The use of mobile phones at the wheel is illegal, so don’t be naive thinking that it’s not a problem.

Don’t give in to peer pressure

Yes, we’re talking about your mates. They might be egging you on to go faster or perform a dangerous manoeuvre. But remember this; you’re responsible for yours and their safety. Any accident that occurs as a result of you performing for your mates is on you, the driver.

If you find your driving habits changing when your buddies are in the car, say no to giving them lifts. They might be a bit upset with you, but you can heal a rift, you can’t bring them back from the dead!

That’s it folks, 10 essential tips that you, as young, new or inexperienced drivers need to know. Use this information to make yourself a better motorist. Stay safe!

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