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Book Theory Test Today | Top Tips For Young Drivers To Avoid Road Traffic Accidents

Young drivers aged 17-24 are more likely to die or suffer serious injury in a road traffic accident than any other age group. In a statement from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration they said: “Young drivers are especially vulnerable to death and injury on our roadways. Traffic crashes are the leading cause of death for teenagers. Mile for mile, teenagers are involved in three times as many fatal crashes as all other drivers.”

Book Theory Test Today offers up five top tips for young drivers to help avoid road traffic accidents:

1. Wear a seat-belt – A spokesperson said: “It cannot be emphasised enough that seat-belts save lives.” Studies show that the most severe injuries occur when drivers and passengers are not wearing a seat-belt when travelling. The common misconception is that people ‘think’ they will be thrown clear, safely from an accident if they are not constrained by a seat-belt, this is a myth.

2. Don’t drink and drive – Young drivers who think they can consume copious amounts of alcohol and then get behind the wheel of a car and drive safely, are severely mistaken. Figures show that 10,000 accidents occur on Britain’s roads, per year, as a result of drink-driving. The highest percentage of road accidents involving alcohol occurs on weekends.

3. Don’t text whilst driving – In an article published by a spokesperson had this to say about texting whilst driving: “There is not one study, experiment or expert who has suggested that anyone can safely text and drive—or even read texts and drive. When you do so you are risking your life, your passengers’ lives, and the lives of everyone else on the road.”

4. Reduce potential distractions – Driving requires the full attention of the driver and numerous distractions can severely hinder concentration levels. Loud music, rowdy passengers distracting the driver’s attention and even talking on a phone ‘hands-free’ are all considered to be big distractions. If such distractions are becoming too much, it’s best to pull your vehicle over and deal with the distractions before continuing your journey.

5. Drive a car that has airbags – A combination of wearing a seat-belt and driving a motor vehicle fitted with airbags is likely to increase your chances of walking away from a potentially fatal accident. That’s not to say that there won’t be injuries, but the key here is preservation of life.

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